Lowes Iris Zigbee Devices Available

While going to put a contact sensor on a door today, I realized that with the trim around the door, there is an inch or two of offset which I suspect will be too large for the sensor to properly detect. So curious what strategies people have used to mount in situations like these.

I was lucky enough that I had a few different brand sensors where I could mix and match depths of magnet and sensor.

The other alternative would be to use wood, plastic, or something else that is non-magnetic as a shim.

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I can't find where I ordered my magnets from, that I used with my Iris contact sensor that I first ordered off ebay. But they work great for real tight locations. Just use some foam or 3M double sided tape to mount the magnet to.

Again this is not who I ordered from, but looks about the same thing.

Make sure the North & South Pole of the magnets are at the top and bottom, and not at each end. Or the contact sensor will have a hard time with determining if it fully open or closed.

Here are some pics of what I'm using...


I did similar by pulling the magnets out the iris sensor and stuck them inside the windows casings. Can't see them at all WAF+1

@djw1191 I often use the inside door jam instead of the outer casing (the door has to shut properly). Depending on the door location this could also keep the sensor "inside" the closet/garage, so the wife does not see it all the time.

FWIW you don’t need a large magnet at all. These are used by security sensors and work well with Iris sensors too. I like that you can simply screw them into place. Or in the case of my mailbox I simply put it on the door with no sticker or screw. These can also be found at local box stores.

For anyone interested in a lot of 10 Iris 3326-L motion sensors for around $65, a reliable eBay seller has a new listing.



Thank you for the heads up. Just ordered 10 as back stock for failures and new ideas.

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Are those the V2 sensors?


This is Gen 1:

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Thanks. How long do these last on battery? And what's the motion reset time for them?

I don't use them with a battery.. have modified mine to work with USB. Reset time is like 30-45 seconds or so. If you plan your rules right it won't matter all that much.. just include the extra time as timeout for motion stopped activity.



Mine Iris 3326-L motion sensors last 6-18 months on a battery, depending on how active the area is.

They send an 'inactive' status after 30 seconds of no activity, assuming they are on the current firmware revision.

Note: If you have a SmartThings hub, these can have their firmware upgraded to the latest version by simply pairing them with ST, which will perform an over the air upgrade.


U have 5v running to these without issue?
I wired mine once, but used the 3v from an esp8266 dev board. Didn't realize they could handle straight 5v.

No you need a board.. I've used these:

also have a set of these but have not tried them yet:


Thank you. How can I upgrade their firmware on Hubitat?

You can't... That's why I mentioned using a SmartThings hub (v2 or newer, I believe) as that is the only way possible that I know of, now that Iris has been shut down.

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The updated firmware is not a requirement. The sensors will most likely work just fine. However, if you have an issue, at least you now know of one possible solution. Hopefully you have a friend with SmartThings that you could convince to pair your motion sensors, verify/update the firmware version, and then unpair them and return to you. Add a 12-pack and a pizza and you've got a party! :partying_face:

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Appreciate you providing the solution. What's the latest firmware version for these sensors?

That's a great idea. I have too many sensors around the house to wire them all. However, I do have a couple that the battery tabs are broken on and I could convert them to USB rather than trying to fix the tabs.

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