Is there a mobile app?

did you think of imperihome as an application. They are already compatible with several providers. That would give us a lot of integration possibilities.

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I have a suggestion that would maintain your model of being an automation platform but provide a mobile app to users who want/need one and that is to partner with an app maker like Gideon Smart Home. They already have the app and is working with Smartthings and Wink so porting with Hubitat should be a easy thing.

We will be releasing our mobile app in the near future…


Just my two cents…I prefer a mobile web site rather than a mobile app. Our main mobile phone is a Windows phone and we intend to keep it that way until Microsoft completely quits supporting. It’s a LOT of work to support both iOS and Android (at least from what I have read, I have only done Windows development) and then throw in Windows Mobile and I’m sure the answer would be NO! But write a mobile web site and you hopefully only have to do it once.


Most apps these days are just mobile web site wrappers. It just makes it more consistent. Also, Windows phone? You rebel!

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For someone new to Hubitat - will the mobile app in development support notifications?

Right now I’m still planning a move from SmartThings, and the single biggest issue is that I use notifications a lot for both myself and my wife. It’s everything from nice-to-have like “Good night” to useful stuff like “Fridge left open!”, and we really… well, use them.

So, notification support is more than anything else what’s holding me back from investing more time in migration right now. If the mobile app is around the corner, my prayers might soon be answered. :slight_smile:

Notifications are available now as either texts (10 per day max) or through pushover. Go here for details. Pushover Notifications Driver [Slightly Enhanced]


For me, the three important components are access to my Hubitat, the ability to use my iPhone as a presence device and notifications. So far I’ve got two out of the three with SmartTiles for access and Pushover for notifications.

I don’t see where a website would accomplish any of this without jeopardizing the original principal of not using cloud as part of the “automation” solution.

Providing a conduit or access so that we can use of apps running on the Hubitat is more inline with the reason why I went with Hubitat in the first place.

HousePanel has eliminated me missing an hubitat app. The seemless integration with smartthings is a bonus. I can’t recommend it enough for Hubitat users who need a dashboard. I really liked actiontiles. However, a local dashboard makes more sense for a local platform, for my purposes. I only need control while I’m at the house. Also, HousePanel gives you infinite customization of everything. I love the fact you can add a floor plan of your house and place devices in their corresponding location. The developer updates the App a very often.

The only issue I’m facing with the app is related to hue bridged lights on Hubitat bogging Housepanel down. But I out together a work around using virtual switches instead end of lights on HousePanel so the lag is not a problem. I am guessing it is a polling issue with Hue?


The upcoming mobile app will have notifications and geofencing / device as presence sensor.

We do not have plans to have a mobile admin interface for the hub. This will remain web based on your local lan.

A dashboard solution is in the works as well and will be integrated into the mobile app as well as available via browsers, remote and local access.

I can’t give timelines but things are in motion.


Thanks for the kind words ... working on HousePanel is a labor of love. Regarding Hue lights I haven’t worked on optimizing them at all. Once i get to it they should be fine. Stay tuned.

The latest update has drag and drop tile addition and removal without going to the Options page. It’s pretty slick.

Dude - I’m more than happy to offer HP as a starting point for an official Hubitat dashboard. I know it’s a bit wonky at times but I’m sure if you threw some non-hobby resources at it HP would mature quickly and turn into the dashboard of all Hubitat users’ dreams.


Unfortunately unless there is a native Android app Hubitat will never be put into production at my home. It’s operating two relays right now as a demo and that’s it. Life 365 never got that to work either. Think I will revisit this device in a year. Way, too soon for this thing.

It’s a shame you didn’t do any research as to the suitability and current positioning of Hubitat or you wouldn’t have this expectation of an Android App. It was clearly stated it’s not a priority at this time.


Also, there’s a dashboard now that could be run in a browser on any android tablet. Obviously it’s still under development too.

Why do you have to have a native app?


I'm hoping this will happen soon ish. Just found out about this and may hold out because of this (and GH and to an extent, Nest, integration). I love the idea, but have been burned by "future" features enough, heh.

Mobile app is moving along, plan hasn't changed. Will be a very simple presence, notification and dashboard access (if the dashboard app is installed)

Existing presence can be achieved using Life360 app, fyi,

Existing notifications can be achieved using PushOver Driver built in.

Yes, both use 3rd party apps, but you can achieve all the features of our mobile app using these two, today.

You can also "Add to Home" your dashboard menu, and that would be the 3rd feature of the mobile app.

Can do the same thing for the web admin interface and while on your local lan, you can use the web interface just like a mobile app.

As for Google Home/Assistant and Nest. They are both high priorities as well. You can accomplish simple integrations with IFTTT while we wait.


Any plans for Ecobee and Harmony?


Ecobee is on our list for sure. There is a community app port for Logitech Harmony (Connect) that works, I'm using it. Now that we support asynch http, it works very well.

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Are you talking about the Kuku integration that needs the API running on the local network or another app that doesn't require that. A search of "Logitech Harmony (Connect)" only roughly gets me to the former.