Is there a mobile app?

So far the prototype is looking good. I have no problem with a web interface. It’s nice and portable across devices unlike apps, and if it’s locally managed. That gives a whole lot of freedom of who gets what devices and level of control and leaves a lot of room for admin functions too. A web interface is able to be integrated with almost anything and is almost infinitely extendable.

I saw mention of notifications in an earlier post. Notifications are a must have, but I think having a notification model that is designed from the beginning to be extensible and expandable to external services would be the way to go. And not having notifications tied to an app makes it possible to use all manner of systems ranging from sms, pushbullet, google, facebook, even Alexa or any combination of notification systems.

That’s an interesting concept regarding notifications. It would be possible to do this inside the app model and have that build out the notification external connections, assuming the provider has an REST API or similar.

Things that trigger a notification would have to be stored somewhere for the app to subscribe to… Or you could just build your own notification events based on what state change has happened based on the device or app. At least in theory, of course…

Thanks for the feedback!

The external interface would be REST or almost anything as the internals (from what I currently understand) are going to be Groovy which also means there’s a JVM so it could be a Hubitat app used for notifications that could then interface basically with anything. If it were an internal notification system it would be extendable to any external source. Could even be connected with a modem if you needed something that extreme. Or a cell device etc etc.

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I personally love the way Apple HomeKit looks and it all runs locally via an AppleTV or iPad. And now that Apple has lifted the hardware encryption requirement it will open up a lot of opportunities for 3rd parties to work with their system. I’m very much looking forward to the possibility of using HomeKit as a dashboard/control point for Hubitat. :sunglasses:


The prototype is looking great it will be perfect for my second location where I could give guest access to control a couple of devices but not give them access to break my automation.

Working on porting HousePanel so a local version of this is what I need to make it work without going out to cloud and back. How would one generate the app accessToken for local use? Is it just state.acessToken?

A HousePanel port is under development... it works on ST on phones and tablets equally well.



Then the token will be available in state.accessToken

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Here's a teaser showing an important milestone... reading devices from Hubitat local hub from a rPI hosted HousePanel app that I am porting over to Hubitat. Note the three things in the center that start with name "Hubitat" - these are Hubitat devices. The others are SmartThings devices. The App is written to read devices from both ecosystems in parallel so you can migrate gradually and still have a working home. I am super excited about this. Stay tuned as this gets refined and hardened enough to post to the community to give it a whirl.


On this front… rather than pricing together an app. It seems a firmware update would make hubitat available as a homekit device (like a hue hub) and then the devices under hubitat would follow.

This is available on iOS 11.3

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Next milestone reached - HousePanel can now control Hubitat devices and query their status. Next milestone will be to rour place the polling with a direct update from hub to rPi. Will post for community testing at that point.

I personally like the Hubitat concept of a lightweight DIY hub unburdened by a bunch of other crap.

Nice job guys - don’t change! Evolve but don’t change the concept.


Thanks Josh for this. Works great but... the token changes every time the app updates so I will have to implement a local push system.

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The token shouldn’t change unless you call createAccessToken. Just check to see if state.token exists before calling createAccessToken.


Got it… that is what I was doing wrong.

I will still send the token to PHP so users don’t have to copy and paste it. At least I now know that I only have to do it once in a blue moon.

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Lots of updates and bug fixes have been posted so if you use HP please grab the latest from the GitHub repo master branch. Details are described in the ST forum. Main things include:

  • room vanish bug fix
  • edit mode
  • smart home monitor mode (ST side only)
  • sliders and color editors

I would like to see different profiles for different rooms. E.g. If I have a tablet mounted in kitchen,
I want only buttons to control kitchen things and whatever I want to control frequently while I am in the kitchen. Similar for different rooms.

Is that possible?

Yes. You can create tabs for each room, then hide the tabs.

Absolutely- just customize each tab for each room. Once you do that then hide the tabs so it stays on that tab in that room.

Is there an echo in here? :smiley:

Yea - sorry dude - didn’t see your reply until too late. Thanks for helping.

The desire for a tabs feature was initially the main reason I wrote HP and since it grew to include so much more.