Went back to smarthings [But came back]

Sure seems like he was on ST, tried HE, and went back to ST...thus the title of this thread... :wink:

Here’s his original post’s first paragraph...


Thanks Mike. I just thought I’d point out what our further testing had uncovered. I am still amazed that these Sengled bulbs send out a last gasp Zigbee message as power is removed from them, in addition to their power on Zigbee message. Pretty cool bulbs, IMHO. :sunglasses:


Thanks for that! I didn't pick that up first read. :frowning:

Agree, the one thing, and the only thing to date that I don't like about them is their on transition time, which is like 0...
That I'll be looking into as well.


I'm not one to be described as impulsive but in this case I may have been. I really should have given the community a chance to rally as they have in the past 24 hrs.

For the person that asked, I already had ST but wanted to try out HE. I will likely try HE again as these developments have me very curious if I can get it to work (especially the keypad fix described above). But please let the app be a priority, or if possible a stylish redesign of the dashboard.


Hubitat has accidentally leaked a pre-release copy of their mobile app that a handful of people downloaded. Hubitat has made pretty descriptive posts about their intent for the next Dashboard.

In other words, we already know these are priority. Naturally the only release date they ever quote is "when it's ready."

We know the goals of the Mobile app: A user (not admin) tool that has a dashboard, notifications and presence.

We also know the goals of the new Dashboard: almost all feature requests from this forum.

You can also make the existing web Dashboard into a pseudo mobile app:

Notification today is via Pushover.net. You get an acct and create a virtual device in Hubitat, select the pushover driver and then enter your Pushover tokens. 7500 notifications per month is included. Because it's just a device, it's able to be used throughout Hubitat automations.

I have an Apple infested home. Therefore I have a homebridge integration, which is identical to the one on ST. Same developer, common code. Thus I have superb presence detection via HomeKit. In other words, I already have everything the Mobile App is going to offer.

Hubitat also has Hub Link and a community developed app called Other Hub that 'merges ST and Hubitat' to greatly simplify the migration. (You can leave sensors and automations on ST while you migrate physical switches, outlets and bulbs. Virtual devices magically appear in ST allowing you to replace the physical device with it's virtual in automations and have ST turn devices on and off via Hubitat.)


And, honestly, right now, I use the 'Other Hub Event Pusher' as the primary means to give my partner Nicole the 'app' experience via the SmartThings Classic app. Note that even with the 'real-time integration' enabled, it can sometimes get a little wedged as far as light statuses go, but, honestly, it's functional enough to pass the WAF test here. :slight_smile:


:smiley: :smiley: You're using ST app as "dashboard" and I use HomeKit :smiley: viva la choices

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There are a ton of different dashboards to try/use in the meantime too. Josh from SharpTools.io reached out to me about it, gonna give it a whirl at some point just for fun.

I can tell you the HE and feature/bug fix/capability requests is the complete opposite of let’s say Ubiquiti products where they seem to fall into a black hole or get accepted but never implemented. :rofl:


I got the app, honestly I uninstalled it, nothing there that I or my wife can't do already.

I love SharpTools (although it still needs a few enhancements, like on dual custom icons for states.... :slight_smile:).

If Josh could figure out how to make a local version run on a RPi or VM I would cough up a large chunk of change for that! I think it is the best best dashboard available right now.

But in any case, I use the cloud version extensively and it works VERY well. Oh, and even has a thermostat tile that works. :wink:


That’s an interesting idea! I told him that I hadn’t tried it mostly because I want to stay as local as possible and use limited outside apps. But I am going to personally try it out cause it looks cool.

I understand why they won’t do it, but if HE released a locked down SBC (not just Pi, I’m more of an Odroid fan) or Virtual appliance version I would be all over it and give them tons of $.

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There was some cheeky replies to OP's post though. Bye Felicia! I'm new to HE but I was expecting more of a "Please don't go/how can we help" attitude from the community considering that "Learn from and share ideas with the Hubitat Community." is a main selling point on the HE website.

I think @Somel had the right idea showing OP some sympathy, I suggest we all follow his lead anytime an HE user is is frustrated.


Well, I think there was plenty of good conversation considering that the OP said in like post #4 they already send the hub back to Amazon...

You are lucky if you get constructive discussion at all any time someone posts an "I already left/sold the product, but here are problems I had" post.

All in all, this went well. :smile:


That's exactly how I felt about the post...if you sent the hub back then why bother posting about anything at that point? Maybe the OP was really frustrated and venting...but that just makes the folks using Hubitat frustrated too! Had it been me, I would have posted asking for help before just trashing the whole thing.


Well, how the thread went has caused me to reorder. The new hub comes tomorrow :man_facepalming:t5:. I expect some backlash which I deserve lol. But I'll give the hub another try with the new feeling of community :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Back!


Any time we learn it is useful.


Yay! Congratulations! In time I think you will not be sorry :wink:


To me, I know there are flaws with HE, but I also know it hasn't been out very long either. I am able to look past those flaws. I love seeing products improve. I had smartthings for like a week before i ordered this. I hated smartthings. But people have their own opinions. As of now I am loving the automation and rule machine. Also, I use alexa as sort of a dashboard for now. I know it isn't local but if my internet is out I can still do my automations and control devices via the web browser if needed. I hope they release a good mobile app soon. I am not a huge fan of the dashboard at this moment though.