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If I want to get into my hub remotely outside of my network say from my office - how would that be done? I go to from outside my network and I log in. My hub is not listed and to register it to the cloud to make it available. Forgive my ignorance.. but how do I do that?


If you want to administer your hub from outside your home, you must VPN into it at this time. There is going to be an app (or there was previously a discussion about one) that will allow admin only from outside the home, but that's not available yet.

You can control the hub from outside your home by setting up and using the Hubitat Dashboard app.

thanks.. thats kind of what I thought.. installed it last night and created one with the lights.. found the bookmark link it gives and can access it that way..

Last I heard, the mobile app was intended to provide means to get notifications to mobile devices and provide access to dashboards--there was no plan to imitate ST and provide an administration interface (or a confusing mix of device control and administration) as well.

VPNing into your home LAN and accessing the hub's web interface that way is the best way to do this now and will probably continue to be the only way, but it sounds like you were just looking for device control, which the Hubitat Dashboard app is intended for. As you've discovered, there are both LAN and (unless disabled) cloud links for both, the latter of which will work from anywhere.


I must be mistaken. I thought @patrick had suggested that was an idea they were pushing around. Maybe it was decided against.

I wouldn’t want anything like ST mobile app. That’s a piece of garbage. But VPN isn’t consumer friendly. To take Hubitat beyond the strictly hobbiest realm, there needs to be a remote admin app.

[Edit] This is what I was think of, but I must have misread it and then had it in my mind that there would be an admin app. Missed that important word, "not" :grin:

A little clarification:

You can do admin on a mobile device; for now that means only while on the same network as your hub.

We do not intend to develop anything resembling the ST mobile app, which is the only way you can do admin for an ST system.

We do intend to provide in the future a remote access mechanism to the admin web interface for Hubitat, thus obviating the need for a VPN. I guess you could say, we will provide a mini-VPN to allow you to get to your hub's web interface. This is being tested internally at proof-of-concept stage -- that is, we know how to do it and it works. This mechanism will entail secure access and authentication.

So, combining the first and last above, it will be possible in the future to do admin of your system remotely using a mobile device. However, that will be via web access from the mobile device, not app based access.

Our mobile app is entirely off this topic, and supports dashboards, notifications, and mobile presence.