Iris user overwhelmed

My rant...
I was excited to go to local processing and more rules but the lack of support has got me frustrated.
Some things pair easy, and others not .
Ge z-wave switches wont pair,
z-wave kwikset locks wont pair. Tried for 3 days! ge outdoor plug says not connected yet works.
I ordered new inserts (zigbee) cards for the locks and paired right away. I think the Zwave communication is poor no matter what hub I use...Iris,Smartthings, and Hubitat!
Centralite 3131-g zigbee dimmers recognized as such, but only labels as a device, not a zigbee wireless dimmer. wont function in any rules. tried to change device type to general dimmer, button, switch, etc. no response.
Hard to find solutions in community, seems small compared to Iris forum. Navigating
Cant find drivers created by users like smartthings has on github. I was under that impression.
Cant find general off delays for all types of devices, or Im just scatterbrained due to the multitude or ways to create but not finding the same selections in rule builder.
There has got to be a better way for instructions than screenshots and emails....
I dont know, Its not buyers remorse, but more a feeling of Iris in its beginning. I cant see many Iris users staying at this level of difficulty unfortunately.

Where would you like to start?

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Here’s a good place to start:

Maybe an IRIS user who has had a decent experience can chime in. I am a former ST user and for sure the HE user experience is still a bit lacking but it is getting better over time. What you DO get is powerful local processing, control and customization.

Ge z-wave switches wont pair,

I have 2 on my upstairs hub and they paired just fine after I made sure they were excluded from ST. I have an Aeotec Stick for this but you can also use the HE exclude process as well.

z-wave kwikset locks wont pair

I hear you!!! I have actually had MORE problems on HE with both my Yale locks. I too switched one to Zigbee (the other old one is for testing and still Z-Wave) and it just started working.

Centralite 3131-g zigbee dimmers ...

Don't have any, can't comment on those..

Hard to find solutions in community, seems small compared to Iris forum..

Well it is a newer platform than IRIS so I guess to be expected. In my experience the community has been great. Support has been decent too. Again my experience only.

Cant find drivers created by users like smartthings has on github...

There has been some effort to mitigate this.. but again things are still new and moving forward at a furious rate.

Cant find general off delays for all types of devices..

Not sure what you mean - Rule Manager rules? That takes a little getting used to. It did for me.. but it seemed fairly logical once I went through the process of adding one.

There has got to be a better way for instructions than screenshots and emails...

Like asking the community, watching the videos, reading the FAQ etc..

I got into this knowing that there was going to be a learning curve AND that things are still a little raw. The community and company have been very responsive. The power and speed of local control once things are working is really compelling. I am no longer cloud reliant and can pick and choose which cloud services I want. My hubs don't even need Hubitat the company to continue operating over the long haul.


There's a learning curve going into any system from Iris. Iris did a good job spoon feeding it's user base through severely limiting the flexibility as well as the bredth of device support.

Lets start with the basics... Z-Wave...

The reason you're having issues with Z-Wave is beacuse your mesh is missing some critical components (i.e. switches) which help to extend and strengthen the signal, thus your locks and outside devices will likely suffer.

The reason why your switches are not connecting is because they didn't properly disconnect from Iris. That's not your fault, it's just a common issue. Fortunately that's an easy fix. Just go into Settings -> Z-Wave Setting and activate Z-Wave Exclusion. You'll have 30 seconds. I recommend doing one switch at a time. Starting with the switch closest to the hub, with Exclusion active press it 2-3 times, waiting 3-4 seconds between presses.

When exlcusion is finished, pull the air gap on the switch for 5 seconds then push it back in. Go to the add device page and put the hub into inclusion. Go back to the switch and press it 2-3 times, waiting 5-10 seconds between presses until the switch appears in the list of discovered devices.

Then you just have to rinse and repeat for all of your switches.

Take care of that first so you can get a strong Z-Wave infrastructure in place before building out further.


The OP does bring up an area for easy improvement. I have bookmarked tons of threads after being on the forums, many of which took a lot of searching and going through pages and pages of forum posts.

Can someone sticky or pin some of the wiki posts or critical threads and maybe add a section on the documentation page or add them to the relevant sections?

Ones like these:
Community Apps
Compatible Device Wiki
Included Apps

These are a bit harder to find than I think they should be.

Edit: also think the community FAQ should be pinned to “Get Started”


Thank you for your responses.
I only got 1 ge z wave switch to pair when I started transfer . Its right next to the lock. the next lock is 15 feet away around the corner, no luck. I always do the exclusion with both Iris and Hubitat. They exclude. I do the air gap, I do the on/off sequence. I move my hub next to the z-wave luck. It paired fine with a Ge zwave dimmer no problem. Zigbee cards are a instant fix but I think when I try to move my first alert co/smokes they wont have a good mesh due to all my zwaves getting swapped with zigbee. I bought all new zigbee in wall ge switches, Now I just have to fish neutrals in my 1940s block wall home! Another reason my mesh is hard to sustain!

I found the Hubitat videos. They are helping decipher some the rule choices....Feeling better! I wish I found a link to these on the main page sooner!

Assuming you already read this?

In general.. Include failures are actually Exclude failures. No Zwave device will Include if the Exclude didn't work fully.

Begin with Live Logs: Right Click on Logs in the left menu and choose Open in new Tab. You will get an empty log to start with, and you leave this running. Go back to your main tab and:
Settings:Zwave Details:ZWave Exclude
Perform the exclude ritual on the device you are trying to exclude, per the manufacturers instructions. Look at live logs, You should see "Excluded unknown device" If you don't, then the exclude didn't work.

"per the manufacturers instructions" are quite important. Some brand new devices go into pair/Join the moment you remove the battery tab the very first time. They don't do that on the next Include. Include might be as simple as tapping EITHER the up or down side of the switch. Exclude could be 'pull the air gap, press and hold the up and push in the air gap, holding for 4 seconds.' They really don't want us to bumble into an accidental Exclusion... intentionally difficult, in other words.

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I was able to exclude all my z-wave switches from smartthings and include them all to hubitat no problem. But there are some things you need to do a certain way.

I learned early on that Hubitat will only find ONE z-wave device at a time. No idea why. You have to go into find a new device and then add one of your z-wave devices, As soon as it finds it, rename if you want and then exit out of device search. Wait a little bit and then go back in to find a new device. If the first z-wave device is still showing then you didn't wait long enough and no matter what you do it will not find another device. If it is a fresh blank page again then it will easily find the next z-wave device.
It's a slow process, but it is the way you have to do it. As long as you have already excluded all your z-wave devices from the previous hub, they will be found right away in

The GE switches were the easiest to pair for me, you just tap on one button and that's it. It's the Homeseer ones that gave me the trouble. With those you have to 3 tap up, 3 tap down, 3 tap up, and then either one tap down or one tap up, not sure but one usually worked.

Being a 1st gen iris user, the GE wall switches were the easiest to pair, as mentioned you either have to do the complete remove from Iris first, or do the factory reset on the switch. Which usually is in the docs that came with the switch. And yes, it is a distance thing with z-wave. Now like iris, you can pair a device next to the hub and then move the device, or other way around, and once paired it has a better chance to keep working. Just like iris, support is a matter of perspective. Any time I called Iris support it was a luckshot at getting someone who could get whatever it was going. So transfer that to any other hub, and it's a matter of reading the docs and doing a little homework. Like switching from windows to Linux, they both are the same, they just call things or go about it slightly different, but they are the same. So as far as the changeover goes, step back and look at the similarities, not the differences, then go at it with the same zest it took to tackle iris when they went from ist to 2nd gen.

I was an IRIS user and yes the first gen system was spoon fed, 2nd too. ST I suspect is also spoon fed.
Any system that offers phone support is going to spoon feed you.

Doing a bit of research can help you out with this system. As was mentioned there a new system.
I like the freedom I get from not paying IRIS any longer to be able to use there rules.
Yes IRIS was easier, but you payed for that monthly.
These guys care way more than iris did about there system.
You could never do with IRIS what you can do here with all sorts of devices and the list grows.

i've been using this about 3 weeks now, have about 95 devices running it and just setup another hub for my shed. Having some trouble seeing the Shed devices but I hope to figure it out.
I really like the talking that comes from rules in RM.
Bought a Google assistant and set that up. Coming up with good lines is fun for him to say.
It can even be random.
I also have 5 dots here. Iris never had the ability to speak after rules run. Hell the doorbell when they had it was too quiet to hear.
The wife thought there was somebody in the house after she heard him (Google) talking locking doors and opening doors with lights welcoming me or my wife home by name. How cool is that.
The presence is a great thing. I liked that in IRIS, but there key fobs were junk.
Now using 360 and ST key fobs for presence is much better!

If your looking for easy, go with ring or ST. Phone support is always has someone to turn to.
If you like a challenge and don't mind learning new ways of doing things this platform is great.
Looking forward to there mobile version. Some things here are still a little rough around the edges but the system is solid so far. Willing to bet the last time you paired all those devices was years back when they were new.
The devices need to be refreshed and memories gone. I do wish it were longer than thirty seconds though for exclude. I have run into cases that required three tries to clean it out. 910 locks are a pain I have two, bought a third on Ebay thinking it would be ok. Turned out after it did finally pair, it received signals ok, lights flashed but motor never ran. All was fine manually with lock. I researched it and found some systems bind the RF card somehow to the old system it was on.

Today installed HUE lights and a bridge all seems good so far with it, love the scene's you can do and animations with it. NOT CHEAP!
Still haven't gotten the alarm system portion up yet, but no issues pairing 6 sirens 3 smoke detectors, 7 motion sensors 3 key pads all from IRIS second Gen. I also like the ST buttons. The IRIS 1st gen was great, second gen buttons junk. Like the key fobs.
The Pushover works great, I get whatever notices I need in no time.

Best bet for working with Switches and locks is Grab a long CAT5 cable and an extension cord.
Bring hub to device, do as people stated above. After reset should pair ok. I added 15 GE zwave switches.
Some are troublesome some not, but patience and persistence pays off. The air gap method is the bomb.
I like the Zooz stuff. Very high quality. You get what you pay for. In this case the hubs are I think reasonable and usable. Yes you have to use your brain more, but give them a break. You want it all for $100?
I think there doing a great job so far.

Good Job Guys!

This IRIS user is impressed with what you have accomplished so far. I would not havwe bought a second HUB if I didn't think it was worth the effort to get whole system back to humming ok.
That said, I did go with ring for monitoring and video.
They are cheaper than IRIS as well in monthly cost and will help you out phone wise. However there equipment is not cheap. I love the doorbells and video is great but jumping to monitoring and spot cams adds up.

Once again, keep up the good work!

The Refuge IRIS user, :upside_down_face:


Today was better, no longer overwhelmed. I got 55 devices up. Only 40 more to go. After finding videos I was able to navigate rule builder better and think I got it down.
The only issues are an older no neutral z-wave GE dimmer switch model zw3003 that wont pair.
And an older Kwikset 910 lock that wont pair. It will exclude on Iris but will not pair with Hubitat, It will re-pair with Iris after excluded no problem.
Iris hub and Hubitat are next to each other,
Kwikset lock is in between 2 Ge z-wave switches that are paired to Hubitat.

Thanks to all comments on Z-wave install procedures....:smile:Yes, I am familiar with establishing good mesh and exclusion. I believe its just outdated devices.

Now if I can only get the centralite 3131-g wireless dimmer switches on the works with list!

These are coming...

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I was exactly where you are and felt the same. As for locks do a complete reset, then exclusion, then pair. Worked with my Schlages that wouldn't pair for days. Ge switches, do reset (mine was done with little lever under paddle then pressing top paddle. Restart the hub, then pair. If not add exclusion into the process. It's a battle but is satisfying when you conquer the issue. Hubitat service is helpful but the process is slowed down due to the email aspect.

Are these still coming?

Are these even available?

Well Mike, after 2 years of "these are coming", apparantly they left! :wink:

I have 3 of them.....I used them with a ST hub until the mesh quit working. I guess I will trash them and just get a wireless switch that is currently on the list!
Thanks for looking at the situation. :sunglasses: