Included Apps Wiki

Hubitat Elevation comes with a variety of built-in apps to help you automate your home. We will keep this wiki updated* with the latest list of apps and their features.

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Rule Machine

The granddaddy of home automation rules engines. Use Rule Machine to write simple or complex automations for almost every device in your home. In Rule Machine you can create triggers and rules

A TRIGGER runs designated action when a specific event occurs.

example: When the door opens, turn on the light.

A RULE runs designated action(s) when specific conditions are met.

example: If the door opens and it is between sunset and sunrise, turn on the light.

With Rule Machine you can set as many actions and conditions as you want within a single rule to create the automation you desire.

Hubitat Safety Monitor

Hubitat Safety Monitor allows you to set alerts and alarms for intrusion, smoke and water sensors. Set separate Home and Away states, which can be armed or disarmed by modes or buttons. Triggers can be delayed and you can also manually arm or disarm your devices through the app.

Lutron integrator

Connect with your Lutron bridge to automate all of your Lutron devices. Works with CasƩta Smart Bridge Pro (Multiple bridges are supported), Lutron RA2 Select and RA2 systems.

Amazon Echo App

Quickly connect to your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, allowing you to to control devices and change modes with your voice.

Hubitat Simple Lighting

This simple-to-learn rules engine allows you to create simple lighting automations throughout your home. Just select the lights you want to control and the triggers to turn them on or off. Works with dimmers as well. Set restrictions for your lighting triggers based on time of day, day of the week, modes or illuminance.

Mode Manager

Mode Manager is a simple tool for configuring your automatic mode settings. You can set your modes (which you create in the settings page) to be triggered based on time of day, presence sensors to triggered by buttons. More advanced mode triggers can be configured using Rule Machine.

Button Controller

Set your multi-button controller to control any of your connected devices.

Life360 Connector

Life360 allows you to turn your mobile phone into a presence detector. Once you set up a Life360 account (itā€™s free) and download the app, the Life360 Connector app detects your presence so you can use it for automations in Rule Machine, Safety Monitor and other apps.

Motion Lighting App

Control how your lights interact with your motion sensors. Select which motion sensors to trigger which lights and set up different devices and dimmer levels based on the current mode. Motion Lighting allows you to set buttons or switches to activate the motion rules on or off. You can also delay motion activated lights by your desired length of time.

A use-case example detailing each option is available here