[iOS Mobile App Beta 2.0.0] Known issues in build 253

See this post for latest update: [iOS Mobile App Beta 2.0.0] What’s new in current build

The following issues have been identified in the Hubitat Mobile App (iOS) version 2.0.0; we expect these to be fixed in the next update:

  • Guest login sometimes crashes the app.
  • HSM status doesn't update (some functions are still in development - E.G. disarm and cancel all).

Setting it up, it says it found existing mobile app devices (there is one), but nothing is populated to select

Question, does Zwave smart start now work? I have been able to get it to work in previous versions for at least six months to a year.

Nice job and I appreciate the major rework of the app!

Few issues I’ve noticed on the geofence screen.

“Out of geofence” at the bottom of the screen is cutoff on my iPhone 14 Pro running latest public version of iOS. There’s some blank space at the top of the screen too, it’s like the whole screen needs to shift upwards by a few mm.

The icon of the satellite view map acknowledges my tap, but does not actually toggle the view between satellite and default.

And last thing, the geofence settings menu appears to be blank.

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The questions and options on this screen are somewhat confusing for someone like me who doesn't use the mobile app at all. I probably haven't done anything with it in 1-2 years, so I'm pretty much a noob in this area. Confusion points:

  1. First step: "Multiple devices found. Please select the one you'd like to use with this mobile device."
    -- "...Please select the one you'd like to use with this mobile device." Not sure what "...use with..." means. Am I linking two different phones together if I choose a different phone than I'm using to set up the app? If I choose a different phone, will that existing phone be replaced by my new phone in automations?
    -- It's also not clear whether I am required to choose an existing phone, or just being offered this choice, and can just drop down to "Create new device?" if I want to. I'd expect some people might make a choice when they don't need to w/the current screen. If it's a choice, end the prompt with "...to use with this mobile device, or use the Create New Device option below.
    -- I'd really like to see some additional context provided at the top of the screen about what choice(s) they are being offered mean and what happens when they choose an existing mobile device vs. create a new (mobile) device. Just a link to additional info in the HE documentation would be sufficient.

  2. What does the Trash Can option do - just hide the device in this flow now, hide it permanently? Does it remove the phone from my hub permanently? If so, wouldn't that break/damage automations where that phone is being used?)

  3. "Create New Device" button: Can we make the button text more direct/clearer? I.e., Add this mobile device to hub.

Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:


The Mobile app creates a Mobile App Device on the selected hub that will be used as the presence sensor and for push notifications on that particular mobile device. After you create the device, the Mobile app will use that device to send presence updates and to receive push notifications.

Now, let's say that you install the Mobile app on a different mobile device. When you first open the app, it will look for previously created Mobile App Device on your hub, and if it finds one, it will ask you if you want to "use" (think of it as adopt/associate) that particular Mobile App Device with the new mobile device (phone). If you select an existing device, then the new mobile device will use that device for presence and push notification.

In the new app we added 2 new fields to help users identify when the Mobile App Device was first created and how many apps is being used with:


For example, I created 2 Mobile App Device on my Android phone. If I install the Mobile App on the iPad, the app will ask me if I want to use any of the "Android" created mobile app devices.

If I select SM-S918U1 device, which is my primary device on the Android phone, then the iPad will adopt that device and will continue to receive the push notifications and send the presence events to the hub BUT the device will stop working on my Android phone.

The trashcan deletes the Mobile App Device on the hub:


Can a single mobile app receive push notifications from multiple hubs directly? I.E without using hub mesh?


Same phone can receive push notifications from 2 different hubs. The mobile app will only show the notification history of the selected hub.

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Using the old app, I get push notification banners from all hubs (they all have been selected once and thus have a mobile device associated with my phone), but then only see the notifications for the "selected" hub in the app itself.

Is it different with the new app ?

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No is not any different in the new mobile app.

I realized after I posted the first post that when I rejoined Testflight I still had an old version in there. Rejoined beta and picked up the correct version!
Now with that out of the way I have noticed with RGB bulbs in the devices tab, there is no control over the RGB, only on/off and brightness. No color/ Temperature controls at all.

Fix is coming in the next release. Some work.


Zwave Smart Start still doesnt seem to be working. I scan the QR code, name the device, it goes to the blank Smart Start screen with no devices listed (same behavior as I had in the previous version). The device also never shows up on my hub.


Never seen that page on iPad. Crashes when trying reach that page

Be sure to uninstall the app, then install the latest version. If it continues to crash, let us know.

ok the app started crashing today at different places, but the worst was when I clicked the notification page, it crashed and I can't start the app up again (keeps crashing). So I had to remove the app and install it again, tried going to that page and same result.

A few things...

  1. Confirmed crash if installed "on top of" existing beta. Delete and reinstall worked.
  2. Favorites Door Lock does not show unlocked status icon-same lock does show unlocked icon within the Devices view.
  3. Now works on Apple-Chip MacOS, while not extensively tested, icon display of favorites only shows the top half of the square. Displays fine in devices.

Well, .239 is crashing all the time and I can't even get it to run at all anymore. After clean install (removed current version, rebooted the phone). I can go up to select the hub and then it crashes after selection of the hub. Now I can't even open the app anymore.

Later tonight I'll see if selecting another hub works or not.

BTW, it's an iPhone 12 Pro running latest IOS (17.4.1)

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iPhone 12 Pro on iOS 17.4.1. The app still crashes on first launch, but works after second launch. I installed over existing beta.

Build 240 has a fix to prevent the crash


I am not quite sure which version of the beta app I am using - is the version visible somewhere?

Also, do you need any additional details when I submit a crash report, or just pressing the 'send report' is enough?

Good work! :+1: