Hubitat Mobile App Released


I agree. It's kind of neat, but nothing I'm not already doing the same or better with life 360, dashboards, and pushover. So I'll be uninstalling it.


I have a strange one going on here. At least for me. I load the app on each of our phones, android. I go into her app and turn off/on gps and wait a few minutes and she appears as a device. I go into my phone and open app and turn off/on gps and wait a few and I appear as a device. I go look for my wife's and it is gone.
So I put in one and it takes out the other! How do I get them both to stay as devices?


This is a followup to my previous post. I was able to get push notifications to work but only after following the steps in this thread; How to send notifications to the new mobile app?

It seems to be faster at getting the notification through as apposed to PushOver so that is a plus for the new app.


5 stars for the App but most importunately, also to ALL the team behind HE.


@patrick Are there instructions somewhere to help with adding a user to the app. As I stated above they are cancelling each other out so I am obviously doing it wrong. thanks

Two Mobile App Devices, only one phone?

On one of the two phones, when you log in, it shows you the Hubitat Hub devices it has found. You need to click Create New in order to associate a second Portal Account with its own Presence device on the hub.


@ogiewon Thanks I just now saw that and went through the steps. I am waiting to see if it shows up in the devices. Thanks for the help.

EDIT: All Good, hers came in so both are there. Thanks again.


Click “Send Geo Event” in the Settings of the Mobile App and a new device should be created on your Hubitat hub.


@ogiewon When you send a geo event does that show up in the device events?


It doesn't seem to but if you think about it it wouldn't. As nothing leaves the phone apart from in or out of the circle, therefore the only log you would see is the presence device changing from present to not present depending on if it needs to.


@BorrisTheCat I understand. Thanks. I will see if it all works when she leaves again.


You can also simply move the geofence Pin temporarily to force the app to send a “not present” event and then move it back to your house to send a “present” event.

You should see her phone in your hub’s list of devices. If you view that device’s details on your hub, you will see the “presence” and “notification” events if you click on “Events”, IIRC.

You can also send a test push notification to her phone as well on that device’s details page.


@ogiewon Thanks, I will give those a try. Moving the fence is a neat trick.


As we work on fixing a few bugs (thanks to all that have helped in reporting, tracking down and reproducing many of them)... Here are a few tricks that some are using to fix certain issues getting started.

First, known issue, it is best to not name / change the label of your Mobile App Device for now. If you do, do not use anything but alpha numeric for now, otherwise your device list might not populate and duplicate devices will most likely be generated.

Second, if you aren't getting geofence events, a couple things can be done, move the pin in and out of the current location or go into settings and click send geo event.

Third, can't hurt to go into settings "select hub" and pick your hub and then your current device. Some users have reported that this fixed their issues.

Fourth, after initial install, toggling on/off wifi might be enough to create a geo event, similar to #2...

Fifth, username / email is case sensitive as is password. Make sure you have your email exactly the same as when you registered. Can check what account on hub ip/hub/register for what account(s) are linked / registered to that hub.


@patrick 5 stars BTW, thanks for all the info, it helps a lot.


Hi patrick
. Can I download the app for android from other link apart from Google Play?


Official distribution is via Google Play Store we do not provide any ability to download the app other than via Google Play Store.


@patrick Have the app set up with both our phones as per the instructions. Device page for wife shows present but she has left and is way beyond the geofence I set up on her phone.
Device event page does not show anything either.


You can try a few of the tricks I outlined above and see if they help jump start the geo event info Hubitat Mobile App Released


Have you seen it where the app under the iPhone turns off or at least shows in the app that "Enable Geofence" is off?

I've seen this a hand full of times now. I keep turning it back on.