Hubitat Mobile App Released


@patrick Thanks, will do when she gets back.


@razorwing, when you did this, did you logon using your own email to set up your wife's presence device, or did you use hers?


@mluck I logged in with mine. Then added her as a user.


And where did you add her? I see where you can add users to “hub login”, but I don’t want my wife and kids accessing the hub as admin, but as guests. Assume the same for you. I’ve scoured how to add a guest user, but I’m stumped.


Yesterday I had everything working great on both my phone and my wifes. Today not so much. My wifes phone did not report being inside the GeoFence until I opened the app. Mine nor my wifes no longer receive notifications including if I try to send from the device in my Hubitat. I do really like the idea of having presence, notifications and the dashboard all in one app but I am likely going to uninstall and just go back to having the dashboard link on my screen for now. Once this matures some and gets most of the bugs worked out, I may try again. Right now, it's just not reliable enough for me where my other solutions for presence and notifications are.


Interesting ... I'm running (1) this; (2) wifi-based presence; and (3) Life360, all in parallel. I'm just planning to watch over the next week or see where the false-positives and false-negatives are, and what kind of delays occur. We'll see.....

Surprising how immature the Hubitat mobile app is, given how long it was in development.


Not really, there's so many different phone models and vendors out there and versions of iOS and Android. I can't imagine it's easy to develop a perfect app when you have a lot of phones that are 5 to 6 years still in use and you have to support the newest phones/operating systems. Life360 works really good for me but give it time and I'm sure it'll mature.


@mluck Sorry for the delay. After you log in you should see a page that says it found existing mobile app devices in which your phone should be listed. At the bottom there is a black box that reads :ADD NEW DEVICE". That is where you add her.


Turned off again...


Thnx. That did the trick. Identified the connected mail-address, migrated and logging in the app went smoothly. :expressionless:


I'm an app developer myself, and while it's emotionally disappointing that this stuff is flaky for some people (including me), it's not surprising to me at all. You would be shocked at the number of failure points there are in geofencing and notifications, in both iOS and Android. They are far, far from being simple to implement, and they can fail in a ton of ways on different devices. Companies like Facebook have essentially unlimited developer resources to throw at these problems and test across every device ever made. It's unfortunately not possible for smaller companies.

For my own apps, eventually you just have to put them out there and depend on the feedback from users, and hope you can patch it before people give up. You really need to have some good will stored up. Fortunately, I've got good will for Hubitat, so I'll be patient.


Throw in the fact that we have to communicate securely back to the hub and not store data in the cloud creates even more complexity.

Of course our app is not required to use and enjoy your system. There are several options for those that want a more "mature" solution.


My experience:

Got my account transferred since I was an SSO user, went very smoothly.

Logged into my phone (pixel 2 XL android Q latest beta), created a device called it "ChrisPhone" (super original, right?)
Had to switch off the wifi to get it show in HE but it did after that
sent push, worked right away
reported present, which was correct.

Logged into wife's phone (Pixel 2, up to date android P), created a device and let it use the default name. Went to battery settings and ensured that it was not set to limit the app in any way.

Two days later, neither have reported leaving despite having left several times. I'm writing this morning off because once again my hub was locked up.

I sent a pushto my phone this morning as a test, it got it right away. I opened the app and it made me re-log in, then automatically created a new device in HE with its default naming scheme.

Pushes to either device, and geo events from the app are now not appearing anywhere.

Guess I'll have to try deleting the devices and setting up again.


@ChrisUthe Q beta 3 has an issue with Optimizing for battery. You can't turn it off at this point unless you ran beta 2 and had it off under beta 2. I've read for presence to be accurate this optimization needs to be off for the Hubitat app.

Also with this next version of Android some tweaking may be required on some app screens due to the new gesture system. An example is the Edit Tile page for Dashboards. I'm bumping into the back gesture when I try to vertical scroll those individuals sections on that single page. And I've also bumped into the back to home and go to app drawer gesture while trying to scroll from top to bottom in those individual sections.


Yes I ran into the battery optimization issue and so I sort of wrote off geofencing on that phone until it was fixed.

Because of my job I need to be running Q daily sadly so I have to live with a few of those issues and do understand that it's not HE's fault that GeoFencing won't work on this phone because of it. The Pixel2 running non-Q though is unfortunate as it just appears to not work whatsoever despite having battery optimization disabled for the app. Others are seeing it work obviously so I'll have to keep poking at it.

I don't use the built in dashboards at all, so the majority of my testing was "do I get push notifications" and "does it work as a presence sensor".

I do sure wish there was a dedicated screen with notifications listed out on it for android. I'd want it to be the default screen personally, but then like I noted, we don't use HE dashboards.


I gotta say I have noticed hit and miss presence detection as well. Though I came to the conclusion awhile back not to trust my mobile device with presence.

Good ol st presence sensors continue to be the champ for me.


We're using ST Presence sensors too but was hoping to reduce the number of devices I was upkeeping through reliable phone support. I (like most people my age) don't ever leave the house without my phone.


I completely agree. Just with all the different flavors of android and battery optimization. Then throw in basically same set of probs for wife's iPhone. I. have never found it to be super reliable.


My goal is: my Amazon tablet HD 8 to receive notifications from HE hubs.
I installed this app on this tablet HD8. Can connect with my dashboard, geofence. but in Setting section when turning on Debugging and selecting Debug Information, on the screen of this tablet goes back to the Dashboard section. In the list of devices of the HE hub, this tablet does not appear.
Please be guided by everyone. Thanks in advance.


Although I've had some on and off issues over the last month or so with getting the accounts working and the app creating multiple devices that all seems to have been down to one main thing that is now been proved. The staff have been tirelessly working on fixing all the bits for us and with all that when it has been working (sometimes up to 2 weeks solid) it's been perfect and since the last issue got found it's been 100%. It's super fast at reporting, far faster and more accurate than any other geo app I've used. So it's shame to here your having issues with you wife's phone, my wife had some teething issues aswell but that ended up being a issue with the storage on her phone (using the SD card) and was causing issues else where as well. A back up factory reset and restore fixed all that for her though.