Hubitat Mobile App Released


Is this legit? it seams to me...


It's legitimate. Whether it's on purpose or not is another story...


See this post, yes its legitimate.


And on purpose...


I installed it and can see my dashboard. So that's cool.

Where do the geofencing events go though? I don't see that any new devices that were created... My hub is still on 2.0.9, in case it matters.

Edit: Never mind. The new device finally showed up. It took a while though.


Okay, I have been using my Gmail account to sign in to Hubitat. Should I set up a separate account to sign into the app or should I continue to use my gmail login?


Same account.


@JasonJoel what device am I looking for. I don't have any yet.


In the app settings you can specify a device name for the phone you are on. After a period of time there should be a device created on your hubitat hub with that name.

That is the device to use on the hubitat side for rules, etc, based on presence.


Aww, Ok. I see my device name in settings, but has not came through to the devices yet.... Thanks


I don't know what the expected time is, but it took a few minutes before it showed up on my hub.


It's been about 10 minutes and nothing. I'll give it a little bit more before I start investigating :slight_smile:


I am wondering why I had to hear it from news sources instead of Hubitat! :slight_smile: Looking forward to this. You guys are awesome and keep up the most excellent work!


Working for me.
Got it to send a test message through the device in the UI.
Just defined a simple trigger to send me a message when I leave/arrive.
EDIT: When I move my location outside of my geofence in the app, it notifies me immediately. Great.
Now I can get rid of Locative, Life360 and Tado presence!!!!!!!


If we use Google to sign in to our hub\account what do we use to sign in to the new Android app. Don't see a way for doing OAuth to sign in on mobile.


Found a possible issue with GeoFencing. I installed the app and it would never populate the new device. Looking at the debug info, it showed me outside of the Geofence although by the map I was smack dab in the middle of it. Waited almost 30 minutes for the device to populate and it never did.

On a whim, I disabled WiFi and within a minute or two, my device showed up in Devices. Don't know if that was the trigger or it was coincidental. Additionally, debug info now showed me inside the Geofence area.



Looks like you need to convert your account as per the details in the link in the 3rd post (won't let me post it again).


If you use google, amazon or facebook you will need to migrate your account to a Hubitat Account using an email and password Hubitat Portal


Just helping @gavincampbell... this is what he was referring to, basically :slight_smile: :


The new device is created on a geoEvent. This should happen fairly quickly depending on the phone. However you can force a geoEvent in settings and that will create the device.