Hubitat Mobile App Released


I would never suggest anyone trigger a door to open or door to unlock based on geofencing. Use at your own risk.

Locking doors and making sure doors are closed is a good thing, but the phone's location is never perfect and the potential for false positives or spoofed / stuck location is very high.


Further results!

I have set up notifications every time my own or my wifes phone enters or leaves the geofence area. For my wife (Pixel 3a), everything works perfectly and swiftly.

For my phone though (Pixel 2 XL), background change of presence just isn't working. Right now we have been at home for about an hour, and I showed as not present until the second I opened the app. I am getting notifications though.

I have removed Hubitat from battery optimization in Android 9, and I have reinstalled the app. Do anyone has other suggestions what to try? As it is working for my wife and most others, I'm assuming the problem is in my end.


Seems like solid advice. Yesterday my wife (P2 XL) and I (P2) went on a walk together, the logs show we left 3 mins apart yet arrived at the same time

Have fun and be safe out there


If you reinstalled you will need to remove it from battery optimization again. Then once it's been opened once you should be good untill a reboot or you close the app.


So do I and I am still happily using an even older S4!! Seriously though, it still does everything I need so why go through the hassle of a new phone and all the setting up it requires?



What's the difference between guest and admin on the portal site? Could I use guest for geofencing and will they have access to dashboards too?


The only difference is guests can't add users in portal only admins can.

Otherwise everything else is the same.


I did disable optimization after the reinstall! I am a fairly experienced Android and mobile user, but here I am out of tricks. If it was a phone with added third party layer there could be something there, but this is a vanilla Android Pixel. I just can't figure out why the OS puts the Hubitat app into such deep sleep.


As the app just uses the stock built in location information without any additional layers maybe there is something in the main settings causing it? Is all this stuff on? only throwing ideas around


Folks... I'm not one for asking for reviews or ratings. But if you are using the app and finding it doing what you need and if you wouldn't mind giving us a 5 star review that would be great.

If we haven't met your needs to achieve a 5 star review / rating, please be patient and we are listening and actively fixing bugs as fast as we can find them.

The response to the app has been tremendous and we appreciate the thousands of people who have downloaded and installed the app over the last couple days.

Most issues are related to the migration and the new portal is up at and should help smooth things out.

Again, I hate asking for ratings / reviews, but if we have earned a 5 star review / rating, it would be greatly appreciated if you can rate it on the respective iOS and/or Android App stores.


I actually had those two off since before, thank you for the suggestion! It should not matter as other apps gets the "correct" location anyway (Maps, Life360 etc), but I'll switch them on again and give it a try tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I just want to add that I think the app is a great start! When I get to the bottom of this issue it will effectively replace Life360, Pushover and my dashboard shortcuts. :slight_smile:


Great app. 5 stars given.


YES, I second this request, as I never allow apps to access my location, and so the Hubitat app refuses to work for me when the location permission is turned off, which is how it will be after I finish testing, so unless location services is made optional, this app will be all but useless to me. PLEASE make location services optional so I can use this app!


On my phone (Android) there is an option in settings that says "Enable GeoFence" with a switch by it. Have you tried turning this off?


Yep, I turned that off, and if I then turn off location services for the Hubitat app and then start the app back up, after turning off the "Enable GeoFence" setting, the app just crashes and will not run after it gives the two standard warnings that location services must be turned on or else limited functionality will exist. Pretty bummed out that location services is forced on us, as the dashboards should be fully functional regardless of whether location services are turned on or not, but I would expect certain functionality would not work if it was not turned on, but I can live with that, just not with the app not working at all if I don't want to enable that.


But you can have the dashboards available without the app.
I use chrome on my mobile and have 'saved to my home page' the url to local and cloud dashboards.
You cannot do any more with the app from a dashboard perspective than you can with the url's saved.


Was just a suggestion since I hadn't done it myself because my main reason for wanting the app was for GeoFencing although I do understand some people like to keep location services off. The dashboards worked for me fine before the app and there is really no difference between using them with the app or without it in my opinion.


5 star review given and well deserved. Had a few hiccups getting started but this was due to not completely understanding what I was doing at first. Now it's working great! Keep up the good work guys!


Same here. 5 Stars. Loving the App so far!


The mobile app is a good start but it seems to use a lot of battery, 1-2% per hour. This is most likely caused by location tracking. Even when I turn off GeoFence it still is turning on tracking. The push notifications aren't working either for my Galaxy S7. The app appears to properly creates the device on the hub but calling that device in the same manner as you call Pushover fails to send the message through. Having one central app for all the dashboard is a convenience but it should remember the last dashboard and whether it was set for local or cloud.

I can see from a marketing standpoint in having an app (because everyone else does) but it really isn't needed. Its funny though, when I was on SmartThings the app was critical for me, but on Hubitat it isn't. As long as I can create and access devices through a dashboard its just as good.