Hubitat Mobile App Released


To be clear, this had nothing to do with account migrations. Unless I'm misunderstanding what that means. My account worked fine on Android. I was trying to add a brand new family member. They never had an account. It's not clear what option to pick when creating the new account, so I chose "i have a hub" and started that process. Which lead to getting stuck in verifying with the code (it refused to continue; but apparently worked because force closing let me past that). And then that's where I got stuck with the portal with the new user.
But had I not come here, I would never have known test-portal was a thing. Granted, I guess folks using Hubitat probably are already here, but still. Something to consider.


First and foremost; thank you! I installed the app this morning and the process went smoothly with the exception of 3 things, none of which (as far as I could tell) have been reported.

First, after adding my device in the app, my phone showed up in the HE devices list by it's model name. Since that's not a particularly user friendly name I tried changing the "Device Label" to something that made sense. The next time I opened the app and selected my hub I received the following error:


Invalid double: "Steve's Phone" 

After dismissing the error popup the "Fetching user data" spinner never went away and I had to terminate the app.

I finally figured out that I needed to rename the device in the app and not at the hub. I cleared the HE "Device Label" saved the device and renamed the device in the mobile app. After that the HE "Device Name" was automatically updated. But this is still a bit counter-intuitive so I thought I'd mention it.

Second, geofence events aren't working at all for me. I granted Hubitat app the "Location" permission but I'm not seeing anything in the HE log when I enter or exit the geofence area. Also, on the app "Settings" page is a button labeled "Send Geo Event". I assume this is supposed to send an event that show in the HE logs. Alas, I'm not seeing any geofence log entries. I've tried rebooting my phone but no joy. As a point of reference, Life 360 works fine so I don't think it's an issue with my phone.

Lastly, the app receives notifications from HE (awesome!). But the Hubitat logo in the notification icon is Hubitat green and doesn't show up properly as my Phone's (default) theme has a medium blue background color on the notification image.

Here's the model info on my phone:

Samsung Galaxy S5
Model SM-G900V
Android 6.0.1

Thanks again to all of the Hubitat team (and to the beta testers) for all of the hard work put into the app. It's a huge milestone that should push many of the Wink folks who have been on the fence about switching to HE in the right direction.

EDIT: One more vote for geofence functionality with hubs at multiple property locations :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: It just occurred to me that notifications should probably include the hub name if the user has hubs at multiple locations. Otherwise it's going to be pretty hard to determine which location the notification is coming from.


Thanks for reporting, will look into it. One thing to note, is your phone is 3 major releases behind current and soon to be 4. We do our best to support older devices, but this and other issues might just be a result of such an old version of android.

Again, could be due to the older version of android, but never the less will look into it and see if we can reproduce it.

Do you see anything in settings Debug Info?

Themes are outside the realm of our ability to control especially considering the entire notification area in android 8+ has been changed. It is unlikely we are going to be able to resolve that issue for your phone.

Notification text is up to you, if you want to include the location name of your hub, that is up to you. The Application name is always the same and can't be changed, unfortunately.


Yeah, pretty old for sure but it's been a great phone and I'm reluctant to get rid of it for an S9 or S10. My wife has an S9 and I hate it.

Well it looks like the app sees I'm inside the geofence area but HE never seems to get notified I've entered or exited as I'm not seeing anything in the HE logs.

Also, as I mentioned, Life 360 geofencing works fine with this phone so I don't think it's related to the version of Android my phone is running.

True. But Pushover has a slick way of getting around this by allowing the user to specify the icon included in the notification:

Fair enough. But note that in the screenshot above, the Pushover notification includes the location the notification is coming from. Not the end of the world having to enter the hub location in the notification message but I mention it because it is possible and it's the little things that make an app that much more special :slight_smile:


Solution don't buy a Samsung :rofl: the Nokia's are good and there "stock" android.


Yeah, lots of choices but I like my S5 and there's no real reason to spend $700+ on a new phone.


You could get 7 new hubs for that $700. :wink:




or a Pixel 3a for under $400, just saying... :slight_smile:

Turns out we actually have one of those ancient relics, err phones on our dev team so we can test and see what's what.

As for customizing the notification, that isn't a simple undertaking, as it requires the app to handle the payload and not the OS. We chose a simple path for push notifications for now. Maybe down the road we will change, but changing means waking up the app on every notification which means a hit on battery life.


I prefer to think of it as "classic" rather than "ancient relic"


So maybe a bug? I’ve enabled “enable geofence” and I’ve noticed twice now it’s tirmed itself off by its self.




I updated to the latest minor hub release and decided to remove and reinstall the app from my wife's iPhone 6 to see if the push notification would work. It still got hung on looking for mobile devices so i couldn't tell it to create a new device but on enabling geofencing it created the mobile device and it is working for push messages.


Thank you for the app. Long awaited, looking good and really appreciated.

Please can I throw a +1 behind a smaller geofence minimum too. 100m would be great, 50m would be fabulous.

Can I ask, roughly, how quickly the iOS / android apps update the hub once the the geo-fence is crossed?



Just a comment regarding trigger speed. Stringify used to have loads of problems with geolocation and they eventually fixed it very well (yeah, just prior to announcing their demise, RIP sigh). One thing they really nailed was that they increased their poll rate to the geolocation service when near the designated location and slowed it right down when far away. No point polling every minute if you've flown to another country. The other thing they allowed was multiple locations at different radii, so you could set an entry and exit one at different radii if you so wanted and set up multiple locations for triggering (like; when leaving work, send notification to wife with traffic and journey time evaluation in real time via Google Maps, accounting for traffic, which was very cool).


Thank you for the app. I need a smaller geofence minimum : 50m - 100m.


My vote is for battery life, I like the fact that the app becomes important to have and just does what it should in the background without draining the battery.

The geo fence doesn't seem that big to me what is the current minimum size? 150m?


I don't want my garage door to open early . :wink:


Maybe you should combine the presence with the WiFi sensor? As only that is going to be that bang on.


For now, you can just move the Geofence “Pin” to be off-center from your home to move the edge of the circle to be closer to your home. This will have the effect of delaying when your garage door opens.