Hubitat App/Driver Awards 2020 - Candidate List

Ok, so the topic is a little tongue-in-cheek (clickbait?) I suppose, but I began my journey from HomeSeer (7+ Years) to Hubitat in March of this year. In that short time I have witnessed some amazing things come to the platform that virtually were not here when I started or that I would like to nominate (acknowledge).

Development and sometimes the support of development can be a thankless job at times. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of others by listing my top 5 for each category, these are the amazing contributions in Apps and Device Drivers that stand out in my journey so far:



Honorable Mentions

Well, that's it so far for me in the last 2-3 months of using this platform. What nominations would you like to add to the list (even if they are the same)? Please consider acknowledging the developer as well as providing a link to their work to show them some love!



BootMeUpScotty / wake on lan Hubitat/apps/Boot Me Up Scottie at master 路 stephack/Hubitat 路 GitHub manager [RELEASE] App

thats all ive got to ad that you didnt already list.


What's the criteria for nomination? These didn't all come out in 2019. In fact I think some may have even come out in 2018. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So if we're just awarding apps we think are great and have done an incredible amount for the community, then I nominate @stephack for Advanced Button Controller (ABC)

For honorable mention I'd also like to include @codahq (Ben). I'm terribly sorry that he has made the decision to leave the platform, but that doesn't mean I don't think he wrote one heck of a nice integration that I still use for my Ring Alarm System.

And although it isn't a widely used driver, I would have not been able to keep using my beloved Insteon devices if it wasn't for the fine work by @cwwilson08 (Chris Wilson). He spent many hours tolerating me, to build a fantastic driver (several of them actually) along with Scott Kuester's crucial contribution of the required Node.js server and listener. The kicker is, Chris doesn't even use Insteon!

And I must not forget @Cobra (Andrew Parker) with his wide range of apps and drivers that have been very useful to so many.

This is not an extensive list, but it's some of the primary community apps I use. The truth is, I wish everyone that contributed could be nominated. So much time spent, for quite often no compensation at all. I offer my personal thanks and applaud you all. :clap:


I noticed that one of my favourites is missing from the list. (Not sure if it's the right year)
It is HubConnect from that incomparable duo of @csteele and @srwhite

Of course, the package is not really an app (although it's composed of Apps), and it's not really a driver (although it has MANY**** drivers), so I'm not sure what category to put it in. All I know is that works great.

Hat's off to those guys.


After having thought about it, I'd also like to give an award for "the most underrated app".

I know that many users have signed up for Pushover to do push notifications, and Twillio to do text messages.
However, I'd like to put in a plug for a community based solution, on a local raspberry pi:

It's a great tool to do emails and text messages, and @erktrek has been extremely helpful in getting me (a relatively newbie in the RPI part of things) up and running.