Hub Update 1.1.5

Hubitat Elevation Platform update 1.1.5 is now available:

Please note, the process takes about a minute to download (depending on your Internet connection) and extract the hub update, and 1-2 minutes to perform the update after you click 'Update Hub'. We recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the Settings page, Backup and Restore.

Changes from 1.1.4:

Platform Additions / Changes

  • Shutdown and Reboot paths are moving to POST instead of GET, if you are using these outside of the hub UI, please update. Next update will remove the GET route.
  • timeToday() method is now available in Drivers as well as Apps
  • New method available in Drivers and Apps: GPathResult parseXML(String stringToParse)
  • Enable telnet explicit termination character sequence matching, if you are using telnet for any custom drivers, please check for proper operations.

New Drivers and Devices

  • New drivers:
    • Aeotec Smart Switch 6
    • Halo Smoke Alarm
    • Samsung V5 Button (push,hold,double tap)
    • Zoos Z-Wave power strip
  • New driver features:
    • Lutron Dimmer now supports startLevelChange and stopLevelChange.
    • Sonos driver now supports playTrackAndResume
  • New device support:
    • Samsung V5 Multi sensor (Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor)
    • HS-DS100 Plus contact sensor (Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor)
    • Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ (Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer)

New Built-in App Features

  • Scene
    • Now allows manual scene adjustments in the app.
    • Auto captures additional devices selected.
  • Button Controller
    • Now supports Start Raising Dimmer, Start Lowering Dimmer, and Stop Changing Dimmer.
  • Lutron Integration
    • Now supports startLevelChange and stopLevelChange for Lutron Dimmer.
  • Hubitat Safety Monitor
    • Now supports separate entry delays for Armed-Away and Armed-Home.
    • Added optional repetition of text and audio alerts.
    • Added optional intrusion arming-failure alerts for open contact sensors
  • Motion Lighting
    • Now supports Scenes Per Mode
  • Hubitat Maker API
    • New Built In App that creates a HTTP GET API for authorized devices
  • Hubitat Dashboard
    • Dashboards Menu now loads all resources from hub if local and cloud if remote.
    • HSM and Mode status can now be used in Attribute Tile
  • Rule Machine
    • Allow conversion from Rule or Trigger to Triggered Rule.
    • Allow random delay for seconds of delay

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent false presence events at system startup
  • Logs now wrap to fit on the screen.
  • Hubitat Safety Monitor: use only "siren" and "strobe" commands, not "on".
  • Rule Machine:
    • fix for Days of Week in rule conditions with other time conditions.
    • fixed valve open/close action
    • fixed prevention of setting Private Boolean while rule Restricted
  • Motion Lighting: fix issues with dimmer/switch override
  • Developers note: mode input in apps: if multiple:false is selected (also the default), previously the platform would return an array with the selected mode as its single element (a bug). That bug has been fixed, which means that any app using this input will need to be updated accordingly. This would primarily affect a test against the mode input setting, where previously it would be something like:
    location.mode in myModeInput
    Now that same test would be:
    location.mode == myModeInput
  • Fix display of devices on Z-Wave info page.
  • Fix skipping of Z-Wave devices in repair
  • Fix Sonos TTS message truncation and message repeats
  • Zooz 4-in-1 performance fixes
  • Fix Schlage BE469 Z-Wave lock code and event issues
  • Fix Zone motion zone timing out when motion sensors remain active.
  • Link to Hub fixed hue/saturation setting for RGBW bulb
  • Hubitat Dashboard
    • Music Player Tile updates Play/Pause and Stop properly
    • HSM and Mode Tiles update status properly if changed outside dashboard

We pushed two small hot fixes today. First one, fixed the Rule Machine bug that was making some rules have null names. It also had a fix to the driver for Z-Wave repeaters.

Second hot fix,, fixed a Motion Lighting bug that caused some devices to repeatedly report when turned on. This fix returned Motion Lighting to using "physical" events for override. Also fixed a bug that sometimes made some Motion Lighting instances mistakenly not turn off. There was also a fix for HSM Custom Rule temperature monitoring with decimal temperatures.

Finally, there is a fix for Telnet used to connect to a Telnet server. See this post: Telnet - Hub Update 1.1.5