SONOS Play track/text and resume

I just noticed that in the documentation it states that playTrackAndResume could be plucked from the SONOS driver but its not :frowning:

  • Sonos and other Speaker devices, playTrackAndRestore and playTrackAndResume being two that are useful.

It would also be nice to have play text and resume which was going to be rolled out/ was?

currently notifications on SONOS is a bit patchy and if it does interrupt something it starts from the beginning again rather than "resumes".


Is this something that will be looked at @mike.maxwell? I personally find that when I am playing Spotify and a TTS goes off for example when the washing machine is finished it restarts my play list from the beginning and not the track it was just playing :sleepy:

Probably not, the current integration is sort of on pause while we wait for sonos to decide if they're going to depreciate that api or not.

:sob::sob::sob::sob: damn you Sonos!!! Nah all good I am sure I'll be able to survive until such time they sort themselves out.

This is my exact problem. It's a bummer I can't find a way to pause the current playlist, speak some text, then resume.