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I'm new to Hubitat and trying to set up an Alarm Panel (like a traditional alarm panel) on my wall mount tablet. I cant seem to figure out. Thanks in advance.

Hello, and welcome to the community.

I have a tablet mounted on the wall near my back door. It replaced my alarm keypad that used to be there. From the tablet I can arm or disarm my alarm, along with seeing its current condition. My tablet is also used for a lot of other things like turning on my block heater, selecting various music for my stereo system to play, displaying feeds from my front and back door camera, etc...

What exactly are you having problems with? Do you have your tablet mounted to the wall already? Do you know how to display a hubitat dashboard on your tablet?

Off topic. I like the old Winnipeg Jets jersey in your pic. I'm in Toronto. Anyways thanks for reaching out.

  1. I have 3 fire tablets and not yet mounted.
  2. I have The green Hubitat App and a Blue Hubitat Dashboard on them. The Green App is working but the blue one state that I don't have Maker API installed but I do have the API App on my Hub (not sure if I might have missed something when installing it)
  3. I was able to make a Dashboard with all my windows and doors contacts setup.
  4. I have the Hubitat Safety Monitor app setup on the dashboard which appears to be working. I'm trying to get it to look like key a traditional alarm pad. Not sure if it will look like that or just bland as is now or maybe it need a fix.
  5. If and when all that is sorted out, my aim is to have the dashboard lock down to look and behave like a traditional panel 6. I would also like what you mentioned yours do such as having my camera(s) show and local weather would also be nice added feature. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again

i have a fire tablet mounted on the wall (velcroe) with a wireless charger in the wall and going to a plug at the foot of the wall.. i have my own smarttiles alarm panel on it.. and a hack to the os (std android is installed ) that has a lock code that must be entered to unlock the tablet..

my alarm paenl looks like this

Thanks Kahn, your input is much appreciated. Nice looking panel. So far it seems like I'm getting there with all the advise I'm getting.

I have read your post a number of times and I don't think I can help you, since I don't understand what you mean when you state:

Are you using the built in hubitat dashboards or are you using smarttiles or actiontiles or some other 3rd party dashboard?

I use the dashboard app that is native to Hubitat. Here is what it looks like:

Hi Stephan, sorry for the confusion. After my post, I realized that the "blue" Hubitat App was a third party app. The green one I referred to is the Hubitat native App which is what I'm using. I am using Hubitat build in dashboard and I do agree that it looks a bit messy. You dashboard looks great. Are you able to share how you put that together and code used? Thanks.

Sure. I have only ever used the native Hubitat Dashboard app so that is the only thing I know. The first thing I would do is create your main page. I call mine "Home", but you can call it whatever you want. It is best to have each dashboard only have access to the devices you will have on the dashboard, this makes it load up faster. For dashboards created for a wall mount tablet in your home, I would also disable cloud access. I wouldn't bother with password protecting your entire dashboard, but you should password protect Hubitat Safety Monitor. This is an option when creating the dashboard.

You will need to define your dashboard size so it fits your tablet perfectly and has the amount of tiles that you would like, this involves some math and trial and error. After that it is as simply as adding devices and custom tiles. Below are the applicable screen shots.

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OK I'll start on that. Thanks. Did you do your own code to do the "custom CSS to get rid of text at the bottom of certain tiles (didn't need my links to other dashboards, to say dashboard link at the bottom of the tile". How did you do create your own password protected tile to disarm your alarm to avoid the HSM window pop up to arm and disarm?

If you are replying to me, reply to my post not the thread. When you reply to the thread (instead of the post), I get no notification when I login to the forum that you have replied to my post.

I used custom css, but I did not create it. Basically read this thread: The Noob's (in)complete guide to CSS for Hubitat

I did create the password protected tile, but if you are new to hubitat you may want to wait awhile before tackling something like that. It involves the creation of a global variable in Rule Machine. You can find info here:Safety Monitor and the Dashboard

If you run into difficulty, just reply to this post, and I or someone else will lend a hand.

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Ok thanks, Not too sure how to use this system Lol. Just fumbling around here with it. Really appreciate your time on this.

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No problem. It definitely has a bit of a learning curve to it. I started a couple years ago and when I started I didn't know much.

Not that it matters much right now, but you might be interested in this custom app in the future:

I have a disco ball go off everytime the Jets score a goal. LOL. If i am streaming the game off a web service, the disco ball sometimes goes off 2-3 seconds before my buddies and I see the goal happen. Everyone loves it.

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Great Thanks. I'm struggling with the Rule Machine right now as I'm trying to get this Panel wife approve. She's been sweating me lol. Where did you find your weather app? to add to dashboard

On my home page I used a website: You can generate the image attributes you would like on this page of the above site: Free Weather Widget for your Website or Blog -
I quickly made one for Toronto, you may want to customize how you would like:

Once you have that web address just put it into a image tile like I did below:

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Thanks very much. Have a great night.

Thanks. We got Formula 1 (Istanbul) at 2:30 am. Canadian got Pole Position, that hasn't happened in a while. And the Masters at 8:00 am. Might be out of commission tomorrow. LOL

That makes for a busy day. Lol

Hi Stephan, thanks again for all your help. So far so good on my panel. I did some (minor) CSS with the look of the Dashboard, so I'm understanding that part.

  1. Can you advise what CSS command you use to get rid of the Green "Done" area that also displays my bub IP address and the Grey are displaying "Dashboards" as well as the "Terms of Service" at the bottom so to get a cleaner look and more space for the dashboard.
  2. How did you get your video of your front door camera to show on your tile? and is that the "Ring doorbell" camera. I have "Ring" and IP NVR camera as well I would like to use but so far I can't find any resources on how to set this up. And help is most appreciated. Thanks

I don't use dashboards on my phone, so I can't help with your first issue. As far as I know, CSS only applies to the tile, the part you would like to remove looks to be part of the app. Don't know if anything can be done about that, maybe someone else will chime in.

For cameras I use POE security cameras at both the front and rear door. I use Blue Iris as the software the manages the cameras and stores the video. Blue Iris plays well with Hubitat, I have rules that trigger when my Blue Iris software senses motion in the cameras field of view (Blue Iris allows for a lot of customization in this regard, in order to limit false triggers). Adding the camera feed to my dashboard was as easy as picking "Image" as the type of tile and then simply adding a local network address that correlates to the Blue Iris server feed for that respective camera.

How are things going in Toronto? We just went into a further lock-down here in Winnipeg. It is actually now illegal for my best friend or my sister to enter my house.

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I also tinkered with the Global Variable Rule you have. I was able to get the "Armed-Home" "Away" and Disarm button to work except the "Disarmed" button just disarmed the system without a Pass Code. Any suggestion?