Google home app

Google home app won't connect to HE

I am just dealing with this problem. I figured it out. I am assuming you connected at least once.

The problem I had was Google Home shows Hubitat as unlinked but it really isn't.

1. Go to
2. Click on the security tab

3. Near the bottom find:

4. Find Hubitat and click on the unlink icon

5. Go back and do the normal Google connection steps.

Mine worked after that.


This is good info. I have seen several people lately having trouble linking google after it had worked previously.

Still having problem connecting

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The solution from this thread is to make sure your hub is updated. Is yours updated?

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Tried it this morning, did find a hubitat entry in the Google Security tab (Linked accounts)...and removed it. WORKED. One thing to be aware of, make sure you remove the hubitat entry from the "linked accounts" tab exactly as the instructions state. I didn't read carefully the first time and deleted another hubitat entry I found in the " third-party apps with account access" tab and that didn't work.

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I believe the one you mistakenly removed was your Hubitat forums sign-in using your google account or the other Hubitat login access. You'll have to re-sign in to re-enable that again.

I almost did the same thing at first b/c it wasn't clear going through the Google account options what is what. One of the reasons I included screenshots.

Thanks. That would be missed!

Quick Update. I continue to experience failures in the Google Home-Hubitat connection, pretty much on a once a 24 hour basis. I'm able to restore service by following the procedure in this thread. Today I tried rebooting the Hubitat hub and that also worked to restore Google Home-Hubitat service. I had tried the Hubitat reboot many times several weeks ago when this problem first began for me and I don't remember reboots helping at that time...guess something has changed in that area. In any case, it's interesting that the repetitive failures keep occurring on an almost predictable schedule. I had noticed a possible correlation between Google updates and the problem recently, but haven't seen any Google updates for 3 days now so I doubt that was related to the issue. Any ideas on what to look into next?

Added: Just noticed new .125 update available, am installing now and will report back if that fixes problem.

I did the update and still having GA problem with connecting to HE

Anyone know which update work want to roll back

I'm running into the same issue, fails every day or two, and a reboot of Hubitat gets the integration working again. Google home says something like "Hubitat can't be found", and nothing shows in the Hubitat logs at all when I try to, for example, turn on a light. Reboot the hub, and everything works again.

Would love if anyone has an idea on this. I would say it has been occurring on and off for a month or so, and the Hubitat is no longer going to be spice approved after a couple more instances...

Update 8/6. No problems between GH and Hubitat since the last hubitat .125 update. Appears the update fixed my problem. Also I noticed an improvement in reliability of my local (not cloud) hub dashboard, which used to disconnect and need to be reset every 8 hours or so. Can't say for sure there is a direct link, but it might make sense given the. 125 update included some cloud endpoint improvements, maybe those impacted local connections as well. BTW for anyone still having problems with GH, I'd suggest double checking that you completed the reset of the Google 3rd party security for hubitat as described earlier in this thread. I found I needed to completely remove GH from Hubitat, then follow the procedure to remove 3rd party authorization from Google, then add GH back into Hubitat (in that order)

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When setting up rules / motion / simple lighting / etc., is it better to create / sync the device directly to HE or to use the Google Home Integration?

For instance, I have a set of LED rope lights with a MagicHome controller. The MagicHome controller shows up in Google Home, (MagicHomeGH) and also can be added as a light in Hubitat (MagicHomeHE).

Is there an inherent advantage to one over the other? or just personal preference? Or better not to have duplication?

Have a similar but weirder issue. Not only can I not connect HE to Google, it doesn't even show up in my list.