Generic ZWave Shade driver doesn't work

I have Bali ZWave shades (same as virtual cord, same as probably many other brands).
When I pair them, Hubitat automatically assigns Generic ZWave Shade driver, however the shade doesn't respond to any commands.
If I change the driver to Generic ZWave Dimmer, it all works, however it has some undesired side effect. Google Home thinks it's a light and adds it to the "lights" groups, making it close/open with the other lights - very annoying.
Is there any way to fix the Shade driver or otherwise advertise it as non-light to Google Home?
When I used Smartthings, I also had to use the Dimmer driver (I think they didn't have shade driver at the time), but somehow it advertised it differently to Google Home, so it wasn't including the shades under the light group.

Sorry for the troubles. We have recently identified an issue and a fix is coming in the next update that will likely resolve your problem. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thanks @bobbyD. Would you know when would that version be released or it's version number?

@grey-bit I also have the Bali ZWave shades (Somfy 2 button remote), what steps do you use to connect your shades to HE.

I have 5 of the Bali ZWave shades that are connected to ST right now. I was testing with just one of the Shades before I move them all over to HE.

First I removed the shade from ST.
Then I did the remote reset and connected the Bail remote to HE, and seen it listed in devices but I was unable to control it at all. I changed device type to a Dimmer and also as a Somfy 2 Button Controller but was unable to control it.

I then tried the steps in the Bali ZWave shade *manual and tried connecting the Bali Shade directly to HE hub instead of the Remote. But again it was listed in devices but I was unable to control it at all. I changed device type to a Dimmer and also as a Somfy 2 Button Controller but was unable to control it.

So right now I reconnected back to ST.


It will be in 2.1.3

I used the procedure from this video: YouTube
As I am also moving from ST to HE, I had to augment the procedure a little bit.

First I reset the shade as shown in the video.
The I go into and delete the shade from it.
Same procedure with the remote: reset and delete directly in

Now, you pair the shade to the HE. It will show as Generic ZWave shade. Change the driver type to Generic ZWave dimmer (won't be needed in 2.1.3 per @mike.maxwell response above). It should be controllable from HE devices section, but not with the remote controller.

Pair remote to HE. Note that I had to get the remote very close to HE for it to pair successfully. Later, you can move the remote anywhere, but for pairing it had to be very close. The remote will show as "device", but it doesn't matter.

Now pair remote to the shade as a secondary controller (see the video).
That's it, now the shade can be controlled both by HE and the remote.

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@grey-bit Thanks!
I do have two of the window shade setup and working right now through HE.
I knew I did those steps before, I guess I did something wrong when I first tried it.

But for some reason I'm having issues with each of remotes for Left window shade and Right window shade. I get the same effect with both remotes, first I thought it was the battery but I installed two new batteries and still get the same thing.

When I fist click on button #1 on the Remote to send the up command, the shade goes up. But if I click button #2 (down) to Stop the shade in mid-travel, it just continues on til it finishes. Even after it reaches the end if I click on the button #2 for the Down command it doesn't respond. I also notice the remote LED will not respond with any button clicks. The only way to reset it is to remove the battery to break (or reset) the connection.
Once the battery is reset, I can now click button #2 to send the down command and the shade will now go down. But the same thing happens if I click button #1 (Up) as the shade is traveling downward to stop it in it's path, it will not respond and continues til it reaches the end.

Again remote 01 for shade 01, does the exact same thing as remote 02 for shade 02 does.

I have tried changing the Device Type from "device" to "Somyf 2 button remote", but no luck.
Just don't understand why each remote will only send one command then stop functioning?

Makes it really hard when trying to reset shade limits, and other things.

It happens to me sometimes that reverse click doesn't go through, but generally when I try pushing it too early, when it still blinks. If I wait till it stops blinking, then it generally stops the shade mid way. What happens when you control it from HE device page? Does it stop it mid way?

@grey-bit I found my problem!

I went ahead and removed the two shades from HE and started the install all over. I found the mistake I made during the, adding the Remote to the shade steps. What I suppose to do was Tap the reset button on the back of the remote, then Hold the button on the Shade til it started flashing Green "Then let go of the button on the shade".
My mistake was I held the button on the shade to long, I was waiting for it to flash Green, then Amber and then let go. Which was a setup for a different program in the shade.

Thanks you for your help getting my Bail ZWave Shades moved over from ST to HE!

Now I have to figure out how to move my Bali ZIRTSI-II Z-Wave Bridge, that controls the 3 kitchen tilt blinds over to HE. Then I will be completely done with ST.

ST to HE journey turned out to be pretty difficult for me as well, but the end result is beautiful.

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@mike.maxwell the generic shade driver still doesn't work for me, I have the aeotec shade controller.

For me it works now. I have Bali.

However, Google assistant still groups them under "lights" :frowning: For me, getting them out of the lights group was the main purpose for using the shade driver instead of the dimmer.


I have Graber shades with Somfi internals. The Generic ZWave Shade driver did not work for me either until this upgrade. I have been holding off the move from ST to HE because having the shades operate with the dimmer handler was causing Google Home to lump the shades in with the rest of the lights and so the shades would open at night when Google was asked to turn on the lights. Therefore I have been anticipating this shades handler fix and it is much appreciated! However, now I have a new issue. With the dimmer handler, I could ask Google to set the shades to a percentage. With the Generic ZWave Shade Handler though, a percentage can only be set using the habitat interface. Google does not allow anything other than all the way on (open) or all the way off (closed). Google Assistant seems to think that the device is a simple on/off switch, instead of recognizing it as shade, a blind, or even a device that supports a percentage. And so, I still cannot seem to make the transition from ST to HE. Is this a known issue @mike.maxwell , and will it be fixed by exposing a different or additional capabilities to the Google App?

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I would be happy to just be able to fully open or close my Somfy shades (4 of them) based upon a illumance device. I have this working with ST using Somfy My Link Hub by @bendews and a hue motion sensor (just for illuminance feature) paired directly to ST. I am not going any further with ST to HE transition until I am certain I can get this to work. I believe it is my most challenging device to transition to HE and I want to eventually be totally ST free. I did try to copy the device handlers from @bendews code into HE but got errors. I'm a hack at programming at best so I wasn't sure what to do. Any advice would be appreciated.

Is "Somfy two button controller" the same as ZRTSI controller ? I am looking into buying Somfy outdoor blinds and need to find a Hubitat compatible interface (Zigbee, Zwave, etc)


It is not.

Ok, thanks Mike !

FYI the "Generic Z-Wave Shade" driver will get you open and close with the ZRTSI Z-Wave controller. I'm trying to figure out myself how to get improved support for the ZRTSI Z-wave shade controller. Maybe @mike.maxwell can give us some hints. I just posted more questions about it in the developer section.

If you ever get the ZRTSI Z-Wave controller figure it out let me know. I posted a question back awhile ago about the ZRTSI Z-Wave controller. With Roller Shades it's Open or fully closed. With Tilt Blinds it either tilts them 100% to the left or to the rights, which is still closed. With tilt blinds 50% is needed in order to have the best view when looking out side.

I am hoping to hear more on the same topic. Will mark this thread for auto replies just in case there are any. I have not moved from Wink yet because I have an enormous automation setup to migrate and won't start unless the new system can do at least as well as the old one.