Just learning about Hubitat as an option for replacing my Wink hub.

I have not moved from Wink yet because I have an enormous automation setup to migrate and won't start unless the new system can do at least as well as the old one.

For example, I have 51 ZWave units, 29 macros (robots/schedules) a large Hue system, two Ecobee thermostats, a Somfy Zwave bridge, a dozen or so sensors of various types, five Wyze cameras, etc.

The WAF and multiple 'robot' (macro activation) use cases for the Wink system here are at least 50% centered on the Lutron Connected Bulb remotes!

I have so far found that the Hubitat hardware seems to have a suitable radio in it BUT it cannot 'read' the Connected Bulb remote signals. Because of this, there's no way to migrate the Wink robots.

This is THE #1 issue I face, and which I must resolve before I order the Hubitat unit and start the conversion.