Looking for a way to set tilt blinds to 50% using Somfy ZRTSI Z-Wave controller

I just finished moving my last devices from ST today to HE. :partying_face:
A Somfy ZRTSI RTS 16 Channel Z-Wave controller, that controls 3 Tilt window blinds that we have in our kitchen.

In ST I was able to set the device type as a "generic Z-Wave dimmer" and with the ST device-handler I was able to adjust the amount of tilt, just like dimming it like a light bulb and it worked just fine.

But I am noticing with HE when I set it up as "generic Z-Wave dimmer" (only type that seems to work) there is no way to have it adjust to open to a certain level, like open to 50%.
If the blind is closed and I click ON (open), it will flip the blind slates 100% to the right to where it's closed again. And If I click on OFF (close) it will flip the slates to the left, again fully closing the bind. When I set Level to 50%, it will just flip it a 100% to close.

Here is a video showing you what's happening.....

I understand from reading a few other posts that a few other people were also unable to set the shades or blinds using the Somfy ZRTSI Z-Wave controller to open to certain levels.

Has anyone found a way with using the Somfy ZRTSI to get it to just open the shade/blind to 50%?

Thanks for any information.

Refreshing this post hoping fresh eyes might see and help.

I am using the My Link RF controller (not Z-wave, the model escapes me at the moment and I'm out of town) in conjunction with IFTTT. Do you have the remote, and/or a setting my "my position" ?

I have the (*)Telis RTS Remote and I have "my position" setup on all three shades to 50% open (Kitchen - window, Bay window #1, and Bay window #2).

(*) Telis RTS Remote for Somfy Motors

Then you can use a button and IFTTT to set the position to "my position". That is what I have done...

Thanks, I went ahead and ordered the Somfy myLink.

@theroonie Thanks again for all your help.
Today I got my Somfy myLink and had it setup up in no time. I then added virtual devices for my three shade in HE and linked them to Somfy myLink in IFTTT. I now have full control of my shade in HE!

Thanks again.

P.S. Know anybody wanting to buy a Somfy ZRTSI RTS 16 Channel Z-Wave controller, real cheap.:wink: (lol)

So is the myLink or ZRTSI the better way to go for a new construction build-out?... not looking to do anything tricky, basic open/close automations of roller shades or similar

If you are doing new construction. I would just go with with new roller shades that work with Hubitat directly, something using z-wave.
Or add a Lutron Pro hub and connect it directly to Hubitat using the Lutron App, then you can add any of the Lutron shades and everything will work a 100%.

The myLink and the ZRTSI are used with the somfy motorized shades, that uses a Radio transmitter to control the shades with a remote.

The ZRTSI take the Radio signal and converts it into a Z-Wave signal to be used with other smart hubs. Unfortunately there's not been a driver made for it in Habitat.

The myLink uses the Somfy Radio transmitter, but let you control the shades in a mobile app. In order to use it with Hubitat you also need to use IFTTT. So there is a delay when opening or closing your shades. I have had a 2 and 4 hr delays happen using IFTTT a few times that I gave up on it.

@nkyspike, That sounds like pretty solid advice, thx,. you mean this bad boy, not some other unicorn? - https://www.amazon.com/Lutron-Caseta-L-BDGPRO2-WH-SmartBridge-Programmed/dp/B00Z8AXQCQ#

Yes, that's the one. But everyone here on Hubitat forum orders theirs from Energyavenue.com website.
Lutron L-BDGPRO2-WH Smart Bridge Pro2 | Energy Avenue

Keep a watch on their site for pricing, because I got mine for $88.24 (before shipping and tax).


Are you saying that any zwave roller shade device will work with Hubitat?

I really can't say 100%, that every Z-Wave shade will work with Hubitat right out of the box with out an issue. If you have a certain brand that you are looking at, you can always post a question about it and see if someone is already using it or not.

I do know that the (*)Bali (Z-Wave) cellular shades works with Hubitat. There is a few steps you have to do so you can have Hubitat control the shade and still use the remote that came with the shades.
The post for that info can be found here... Generic ZWave Shade driver doesn't work

Right now we have 5 of the Bali (Z-Wave) cellular shades in our family room, and just added 3 of the (*)iBlinds brand Z-Wave kits to our tilt blinds in our kitchen.

(This is a pic of the iBlinds kit from their website.)

(*) Motorized blinds and shades | Bali Blinds and Shades



I'm new to the Hubitat community and just searched for some discussions about Somfy shades, specifically mentioning MyLink. I have Hubitat talking directly to the MyLink over a LAN connection (no trip through IFTTT), details here: Integrate Somfy in Hubitat.