Finally!: Zigbee USB Smart Adaptor (SONOFF ZBMicro)

Finally, there is a Zigbee interface USB switch produced by a popular manufacturer.

At the moment, it is available from the Sonoff web site only :

As usual for the most of the Sonoff products, it is expected that the basic On/Off functionality will work out of the box using Hubitat stock drivers ( the Generic Zigbee Switch).



hmm… i might need to find a battery that can power a C-7 / C-8 for exactly 5 mins so i can take 1 more automation away from Home Assistant. :smiling_imp:

Uhhh... If you mean to forcebly power off/on a Hubitat hub if anything else fails, it is better to use another technology, not depending on Hubitat hubs itself...

The only WiFi power plug I left in my inventory is used exactly for this purpose - independent control of the HE hubs power supply via Alexa. And I have not used it for quite a long!


BTW, there is already a similar device, but much more expensive and rather difficult to source :

Ordered two. Thanks!

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I already use hubitat to tell home assistant to do a gracefull shutdown and cycle power of my C7 via the wifi version of the same adapter when certain conditions are met. i fully appreciate your concern and i understand finding a battery that can consistently deliver 5mins of power consistently, over time is a very tall order due to physics. Getting this wrong will cause problems, but i can dream. :wink:

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Of course right after I purchase five or six of the Wi-Fi versions. :wink:


【Wide Transmit Coverage】 Elevate your network capabilities with Turbo Mode, featuring advanced technology that boosts signal range and strength, and provides a seamless and stable connection for your devices.

Hopefully it's repeater is more like the dongles (which work good for me) than the plugs/relays (pretty crap IMHO).

It's a repeater? Hmmmmm.

Neat. Thanks for the heads up.
I just ordered three of them to get the 10% off


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I don't have the setup any more, (didn't see the real need, in my case), but I used to have a spare hub power cycle the main hub after it shut itself down.

I used a ZEN16 with some 'fabbed' cable, as I recall, lol. This would've been a lot cleaner.

How can I tell if it's a repeater once I get it?

Use the community Zigbee Map app to see if any battery-powered Zigbee devices uses it as a router.

As the Sonoff ZBMicro uses the same chip as HE C-8, most probably the ‘turbo mode’ is boosting the Zigbee radio power to level 12, as in Hubitat.


Thanks. It's been so long I visited the map I forgot about it!

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Would it be derailing the thread to ask folk to leave some of their Use Case ideas as they comment on this. I'm struggling to think of what all I have that runs on USB that I'd really need to control (or that would be safe to control) with this.

Don't get me wrong, I want this...even if "just because" :crazy_face:

and click the link to see the picture of my existing setup...

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I plan to use the USB switch to control the charging of a tablet that I will use for a HE Dashboard.
I will turn the charger for 30 minutes a day, or something similar.

Currently, I do not have any tablets used as a dashboard in HE after my old ASUS Windows tablet broke one year ago (I am lucky it did not explode!) because of a battery overcharge. It was on USB power supply 24/7.


Be interesting to see how long it lasts plugged into a battery bank.
Might be a good "portable hotspot" for outdoor ZigBee coverage.

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Well, indeed it would....
because I'm thinking about a remoted USB powered device which I need ON at night but OFF by day (to allow solar panel recharge of the battery).

Hmmm.. it does data too.
What could that be used for?