Zigbee inline switch for USB devices

I know there have been requests for such a device in the past (tagging @rcjordan). Anyway, I found this on Tindie yesterday and ordered a couple. They work with zigbee2mqtt, and looking at the external z2m converter, they should work with Hubitat.

Will update this thread when they come in.


I've only found the Sylvania usb device (and am hoarding a few). They pair directly to HE and work great using the generic zigbee dimmer driver.

Please ping me if that Tindie works on HE without mqtt.

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Will do for sure.

Can you edit your post to add a Sylvania unit/model number for reference.

It came as a control module in the 72569 Sylvania Lightify Under Cabinet lights (which were on close-out on Amazon). Looking through Ebay some months ago, I believe I saw the same module being used in Sylvania's Lightify LED strings.

this is not inline but it is zigbee and the usb is also controlled alo ng with the plug..
i have two and happy to report they work in hubitat. Make sure to order the u.s. version

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Thanks for posting this. I was looking for solutions the other day and came up dry. Please keep us posted. Looks like Tindie only has 1 left at the moment and I hope they get more but given the company is based out of the Ukraine it might be a while.

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Can you guys give me an idea what you and what you could do with one of these. I didn't know there was such a thing and now I want some with no idea what to do with it.


I think it should work as a zigbee controlled switch on Hubitat without any issues (or additional drivers). There are two endpoints: switch and uptime.

Uptime will probably need a custom driver. But basic function as a switch will not. Personally, all I want is function as a switch.

Looks like it has shipped (Ukraine Post has received it). So hopefully no more than 2 weeks.


Happens all the time. I have a crate full of neat HE stuff that I haven't exactly decided what I'm going to do with it ...those Sage 16-24vac doorbell sensors comes to mind. But when I need it I'll have it.

I'm using my usb inline switch/dimmer for fairy lights.

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The files and design are posted on github. Is this something we could do a group order for using PCBWay? They are still out of stock on Tindie and the makers site

For grins, I started running the Gerber and BOM through JLCPCB's assembly service quoting system. I got stuck when they requested the pick-and-place file. They provide the files to make the PCB, but not for automatic assembly. Next option is buying parts and hand-building.

Not impossible. One side can be populated and reflowed, and then hand-solder the module. It would need to be someone with appropriate tools and skill level.