2 prong smart plug for U.S. (preferrably Zigbee)

I want to remotely power on/off a device that is powered via a 2-prong USB power adapter/brick. The USB power adapter/brick is plugged into a small UPS that only has 2-prong outlets.

Is there a current smart plug that exists that is only U.S. 2-prong? I have an older Leviton (edit: not GE) Z-wave one that is 2 prong, but that's in use (and I use the dimmer on it).

I'm currently using a 3-to-2 prong adapter and an Iris Zigbee plug, but it looks pretty terrible. (as suggested here Two prong smart plug for US?)

I'd even go with a controlled USB port, if one was available and the price wasn't outrageous.

Leviton makes one (available in ZB and ZW), but it's a dimmer - not sure if that could be problematic in terms of power delivery -- i.e. does it output full line power at 100% or not? Not sure if it does, or if that matters in your application.

ETA - If you use Caseta, I think their plug is 2-prong? And I think it recently got an update that can set it in just on/off (switch) mode, but maybe I'm dreaming that last part up...

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I have a couple of the Lutron dimmer plugs - they are two prong - I don't see an option to configure them for on/off only. Not showing any available firmware updates for the Lutron hubs.

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After you said that I went and checked, and the one I have is actually a Leviton. I have the non-plus version of this: https://www.leviton.com/en/products/dzpd3-2bw

Their Zigbee one (https://www.leviton.com/en/products/dg3hl-1bw) seems discontinued. It is $44 at Amazon and HD. But it also looks like it has a ground plug in the picture -- I need one that is only 2 prong.

Oh, it is only $24 + $7 shipping at Leviton. Decora Smart Plug-in Dimmer, Zigbee Certified, White, DG3HL-1BW – Leviton

The Z-wave plus one looks to be $36 at Amazon and HD. And the one I already have has no ground connector.

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I also looked for a controlled USB port, but it looks like there isn't much of anything.


There is the Tindie, which I'm waiting to see if it works. But the form factor wouldn't be any prettier than my current solution.

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I have both the ZW and ZB version of the Leviton dimmer plug - both are definitely just 2-prong all around (male & female).

It is odd that the Lev stock photo appears to be 3-prong male, but mine is 2-prong (I just checked both versions of mine to be certain).

I admittedly bought my ZB one years ago, but I can't believe they'd change it to a 3-prong male since... There's just no good reason to make the male 3-prong when the female is 2-prong.

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Is nobody going to question the two-prong UPS? That's the strangest thing in this setup. Never heard of such a thing.

You could remove the ground pin from the device, making it a 2 prong.

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APC Back-Ups Connect BGE90M https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NTQYUA8?th=1

From what I've seen, all ON/OFF modules are 3 prong. If you want to hack one, simply cut the 3rd prong off.

OR you can install a 3 prong receptacle in your wall. If your wiring is BX (metallic conduit) the "3rd" prong will connect to it which serves as a safety gound.

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Hmm. no longer available. I wonder what the point of that was. Looks like it is several years old. Here's a three-prong UPS for under $50: Amazon Basics UPS

or this..

doesnt work in hubitat yet .. there is a websocket api but no one has written a driver.. workes in the ewelink app though.


i just did get this switch working in hubitat where i can turn it on or off in hubitat rules or dashboard with alexa, probably similar with google.

you need to link the ewelink app in alexa.

you need to add this device driver and create a virtual switch/contact for your above switch


you need to add the following 2 alexa routines

I then created a switch on the dashboard

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So right now it's only a cloud integration?

yes only cloud although according to the app there is lan control.. (ewelink app)

there are java class versions of the api and one for javascript i found as well as competing hubs. but nothing in groovy and it didnt look trivial to implement.

i did some poking around and it appears it is listening on tcp port 8081 so i assume true local control is possible.. but its not web based.. all i can tell is that the socket connects.

so maybe the app works locally according to there documentations i assume .