[EARLY RELEASE] Zooz Zen31 LED Controller

Ok.. I started this from a request.. but honestly not sure now what y'all are wanting from it.. So I'm posting what I have and requesting feature requests..

The built-in driver seems to have all the features included ..

The only thing that my driver adds is Color Temperature control .. And there are so many options on this thing I wanted guidance on what y'all wanted out of it..


Did you simulate that with the RGB channels?

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Yes.. And optionally with mixing the warm white led component..

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this thing supports 0-10V wired analog sensors.. Anyone have any that they want to be able to see as component sensors?

Seriously wanting requests/ideas

I had my request to restart light effects that had been running (when turned off) when the device is turned back on.

I did not even know the inputs were 0-10, I just figured they were simple on/off.

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It’s both.. It’s configurable.. And there are tons of analog sensors that register 0-10 thought it would be interesting..

Ok so one thing I see is that I tried to just do "Set Color Temp", however I don't have an RGBWW strip, only an RGB.

I would expect this to "Do Nothing" since it's a function of the WHITE lights on a strip, but it actually turns my RGB strip to redish color.

Maybe I'm not understanding how it's supposed to work?

Sounds correct to me, in that it is trying to adjust the color. I do not think it "knows" you have RGB only, so it is setting that portion assuming the white was working.

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I do not have much of anything that outputs 0-10 except my aquarium controller. I do not think I will put a Zen31 for controlling aquarium lights. But... I might be interesting if I find a 0-10v temperature, humidity, sound, or motion sensor. Not REALLY practical (better to have them on the Hubitat I think) but could be in interesting project to color the lights based on temperature, humidity, or how much activity there is (my kids would love the last 2).

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What I'm worried about is, what if I want to do white color temp and an RGB value? Will they mess with each other?

why would you do white and rgb at the same time?

Not sure yet, will let you know if I do when my RGBWW strip arrives LOL

It looks horrible when coming from the same strip.. That's why I have always done strip controllers as emulating RGBW Bulbs where it switched identity (colorMode) from CT to RGB depending on if you are using CT or RGB

I guess that makes sense. I'll reserve all comments till I have one to try. Should arrive Friday.

Btw, Do I still have to exclude the device to get rid of the child devices?

Yes.. But I will add the child removal today

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Setting RGBW to 100% might not look great, but it's twice as bright which is why I sometimes do it...

That being said, if the ability to use RGB and W at the same time was added to this driver or someone wants to do that with the built-in driver, then they should check to make sure their LED strip supports it.

Most LED strips I've seen do, but I came across a cheap LED strip with split LEDs that mentioned in the product description that using both at full strength can cause voltage/overheating issues.


Great driver, works 100%. Thank you so much!

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What are the voice commands for this? Can I tell something like Alexa to set each component individually? Would I need to make a scene then use a virtual switch/button to trigger that? Just wanted to get a better idea of the scope via voice control

Hey Bryan,

I just got my RGBW spot lights today and hooked them up to test. Fantastic! Better than the included driver! Did you ever do the child removal mod? I switched to your driver but the child devices are still there. 1.0 though so not sure if you did it. Thanks again for more amazing work! Controlling my pool lights via Alexa in the future for. #BadAss