Zooz Zen31 RGBW Dimmer

I have searched the forums for this and think I have an answer, but I want to make sure.

I set up my Zen31 using the built in drivers. It seems the only way to be able to control both color and white is to have two tiles on the dashboard. Is that correct? Is there a way to make one tile that does it all?


If you select "Color Bulb" template it doesn't give you both options? This is a different device, but pretty similar.


It does not. It looks like that but without the color temperature slider:

For me to get a real white control I have to add two tiles, one as a "Dimmer" on the "Zooz Network Lights" and a color bulb tile on the color sub-device to get color to work:

Those sub-devices were created when I made the virtual Zen31.

The "Dimmer White" sub-device seems to do nothing. If I assign a dimmer tile to that device it won't even turn the lights on and off.

It is possible this is a limitation of the built in driver I suppose. I found some threads about a community driver that I installed and tried, but didn't get it working properly so uninstalled it. It was related to the WW/color temp stuff which apparently the built in driver can't handle. I don't know that having the regular, white dimmer tile is giving me that either because I don't have a color temp control.

This is the community driver I found: