ZooZ RGBW controller

I just connected and set up a ZooZ RGBW controller, and have it connected to a LED strip. It works great when I'm in the devices, but not so much when I'm controlling through a tile.

First, the tile does not have W control. I can control the colors no problem, but nothing affects the W.

Any plans to update the tile to control W?

Which driver are you using? I also assume this is a Zooz ZEN31?

Device: ZEN31
Driver: Zooz RGBW Dimmer (SmartThings Port)

I even tried the built in "Zooz RGBW Dimmer" and still nothing. This driver doesn't even give me the option to control white in the device details

Built in driver of Zooz RGBW Dimmer has a Color Temperature slider, but nothing seems to affect the W. The only things that seems to work in this time is the on/off. Even the color won't change

Found the ZEN31 driver in [EARLY RELEASE] Zooz Zen31 LED Controller and that seems to be working like a charm. Tile is very responsive. I guess I just needed to keep digging through the forums

That is why I asked about the driver. @bcopeland just released that one and he is very responsive to requests if you have anything Z-Wave related (or if you have a change/improvement to one of his existing drivers, like that one).

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