Duplicate lights and switches

Hi All,
Realively new to HE but not to home automation. I'm loving the platform and the apps. It has really elevated our smart home.
I run a multi-platform smarthome and my wife and I are both iPhone users. Both of us have duplicate lights and switches in the iOS mobile app. I have seen previous community posts from Jan 23 (here) and Mar 23 (here).

Has there been any more research into this? I wonder if it is something to do with multiple integrations through the built in apps (Google Home and Homekit). I have 3x the devices in the lights and switches tab in the mobile app and I wonder if the app is pulling them from:

  1. HE itself
  2. Homekit integration
  3. Google Home integration

Is it possible to exclude the third party integrations from the ligths and switches tab to remove the duplicates?

This is my first post and thank you in advance for any help.


If this is in the Hubitat app, it is a known issue which the posts you linked to, link back to this report:

There is nothing you did to cause it and nothing you can do to fix it, it is a bug in the mobile app.

Thanks Jeff. Unlike the second post, the duplicates remain regardless of how fast I scroll, hence my theory as to the route cause. At least this post may raise the issue's profile and maybe lead to a resolution if it is being worked on.

Yeah I think what others found is that if you have a small number of devices it will duplicate no matter what. When you have a larger number of devices it only duplicates it when you scroll quickly.

There is currently a beta app in TestFlight which still has this problem. I will post about it again...

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That's interesting. Hopefully a resolution will be found as tapping into the dashboards is a hassle. We do use Homekit and GH though, so not a huge issue. For info, I have a large number of devices and every room and every device is listed 3 times.

I created a new beta post if you want to watch that for any updates: