Light/switches tab shows numerous duplicates

New user here. When I go to the lights/switches tab on my Hubitat iOS app it shows a number of duplicate rooms with the same switches. I just have two rooms (bedrooms and foyer) The number of duplicates is different each time. Latest time showed 10 duplicates of each room. I checked the rooms section and each room is listed only once.

Any help is appreciated

It’s the second time I’ve seen someone mention this. Could you confirm your Hubitat platform version number as well as your app version?

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I found if you have all the rooms expanded and you scroll really fast it duplicates them. If you scroll slowly its fine. I even made a video of it and sent it to the dev via a beta testing post. He has not figured it out yet AFAIK.

Hub platform is, hardware version: Rev C-7

App version is 1.2.8. Build 145

Thats one build higher than I have, I guess a final version got pushed out and I didn't even know.
So yeah... I reported that bug in Beta but he never could figure out what was causing it I guess.

EDIT: I just updated in app store and have 1.2.9 v147 now. Same issue still is there.

Same issue here. Running 1.2.9 v147 on the app and on the hub.

Same here as well.

Its a known issue reported in Beta.

Having same issue here. Not even when scrolling fast. As soon as I go to the screen, I see duplicates. Rev

Same here. Also some duplicate rooms show lights on, some show them off. Automations associated with rooms not working consistently. Furnace automation effected. Furnace keeps coming on then off. Having little confidence in this tool.

Automation issues are not related to this bug with the mobile app. Create a new post for help.

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I believe I found the problem. I had enabled HomeKit integration just use the GUI. I disabled the integration and things stabilized. The integration in beta so I should not have used it.

I came here to look for a solution, I’m not using HomeKit and I have 9 duplicates. Same issues as the others, different status being reported and not working properly. It’s now a useless tool.

Is it the same issue when you scroll quickly you get duplicated rooms? For me if I just scroll slowly it works fine. I have never noticed if the status is incorrect on the duplicated devices.

+1. I can see how slow scrolling alleviates the issue but sometimes the duplicates appear when I first click Lights/Switches.

Same issue here. If I swipe up close the app and open it, Lights/Switches displays correctly with all rooms expanded. When I click Dashboard or something else across the bottom and then browse back to Lights/Switches, the rooms along with lights/switches show up twice each. If I repeat, they show up three times each. It doesn't seem to stop adding 1 set of room/lights/switches each time I leave Lights/Switches and return. Leaving the app and then returning does not reset the Light/Switches list, it only returns to normal if I swipe up close the app and reopen. Hope this level of detail helps us get to a resolution.

Hub C8
iPhone app

Same exact issue as @user5230.

I just got my hubitat device, installed the app fresh on my iPhone, and started migrating over Z-Wave product to it. From the very first device I added it added multiple duplicates of the same room with the same device.
Once as I was trying to turn on/off devices on the lights/switches page in the app it lost connection with the hub it seemed - controlling devices no longer worked and the status of devices did not update. Swiping up & shutting down the app, then restarting helped. I was able to control all devices as normal when app came back on.

Hardware: Rev C-8, platform version
App version: 1.2.9
Phone: iPhone 12 Pro Max, iOS 16.1.1

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Here are two more clues:

  1. Same issue with iPad (iPad Pro 12.9” 4th gen, iPadOS 16.3.1) Hubitat app (v1.2.9): if going to lights/switches section after having been in another section (e.g. Tools), a new copy of every room is added to the list, HOWEVER if now scrolling down on the lights/switches tab the app crashes. Reproducible 100% of the time I try this after restarting the app.

  2. The iPhone app does not crash if switching to the lights/switches section from the tools section and scroll on the lights/switches section, HOWEVER every new copy of the rooms which are added to the lights/switches section appear to represent the true current state of the lights & switches, whereas the previous rooms shown on the page represent an old, previous status of the devices in these rooms. It’s as if the app does not clear and replace the previous rooms and their component statuses, but rather adds a fresh instance/connection of each room and device in these rooms which actually can be controlled. When controlling the devices in the latest “instance” of the rooms it does eventually update the old, stuck, status of the previous room instances.

Same issue here as rokkerX and user5230.

  1. I have now removed and reinstalled the app on my iPhone.

  2. If I use the Lights/Switches first, there is only one instance of each light or switch icon. If I then go to the Dashboard tab and pull up a dashboard and then return to Lights/Switches, there are two instances of each light/switch icon. If I go to the Dashboard tab again and pull up a dashboard again then return to Lights/Switches, there are three instances of each light/switch...

Hardware: Rev C-8, platform version
Iphone: App version: 1.2.9, Build: 147

Same issue here as rokkerX and user5230, and dbaus. Every time i move across options at bottom and back to the lights/switches tab all my devices increase by one. New HE user as of yesterday. I’m running app on IPhone 13 Pro with IOS 16.5. Anyone solve this yet? Thanks

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