Duplicate entries in Lights/Switches

Newbie user. I have my lights and switches repeated two additional times in the App. Is this normal?

I dont know what that is all about. In my case its repeated thrice :roll_eyes: (I have 3 hubs?)
I have never used this option so I guess for me it makes no diff. Very strange though

What shows in your devices list?

This has been reported previously:

Itโ€™s not normal in the sense that it is not intended app behavior, so itโ€™s presumably a bug.

However you are not the only person affected by this.

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Thanks for the information. I have duplicated rooms twice, and whether I scroll slowly or fast does not matter. iOS 1.2.9

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Brand new Hubitat user as of today and I am also seeing the same behavior. My rooms and devices are repeated a total of 6 times for some reason. I have 1 hub and a mixture of outlets and switches paired to it for now.

iOS 1.2.9 Build 147

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look on the hub itself in the rooms section. Do you see the same behavior? (use desktop browser)

Was a resolution found on this? Have the same problem.

Not that I know of, still waiting.