[iOS 1.2.8:139] Scrolling quick on Lights causes rooms to duplicate

We need a beta category for the mobile app I think?

Anyway... went to check the Lights tab and I scrolled down pretty fast. Noticed it just kept going what seemed like forever. Scrolled back up and noticed the rooms duplicated once it got to the end, multiple times.

Close the app, when back again, scrolled slowly and it stopped at the bottom this time. Test again with a fast scroll and it duplicated the rooms.

There is a category already. The Mobile apps are public beta, so the category is not restricted.

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@moncho1138 Did you see this one as well? I originally posted it in the wrong section.

I can't replicate this, how many rows do you have? Maybe I don't see it due the number of rooms I'm testing.

Sorry I had to get a chance to make a short screen capture. I sent you a DM with a link to the video.

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I am still getting this on build 140.

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Do you need anything else for this? It is still happening on the most recent build.

Still looking into this one.

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