[Deprecated] Notifier Plus

Introducing 'Notifier Plus'
Notifications based on date/day, time and more. A perfect way to get reminders or create a wakeup alarm.

This app has been merged into Event Engine - Automate your world with easy to use Cogs. Rev up complex automations with just a few clicks!

This started out as an alarm clock project but has grown into so much more!
Thanks to JMZ and his 'Super Notifier' for some inspirations.


  • Build the ultimate alarm clock!
  • Triggers based on Date/Time, Day/Time, Contact Sensors, Mode, Motion Sensors and Switches
  • Way too many options to list here...See below!
  • Parent/Child App structure
  • Create as many child apps as needed

Types of Triggers:

By Date/Time
Select Month, Day(s) and Year and have it trigger sometime in the future. Select as many days in the same month as you want. Great for turning on a virtual switch to let other apps know when it's a holiday, school vacation, etc.

By Day/Time
Select day by name (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) and have it trigger on day of the week, every week, every other week or even every 6 months.

By Contact Sensor
Triggered when Open or Closed
Can be set to delay message until device has been in state for X minutes

By Humidity Level
Triggered when too High or Low
Can be set to delay message until device has been in state for X minutes

By Mode
Triggered when mode changes
Can be set to delay message until mode has been in state for x minutes

By Motion Sensor
Triggered when becoming Active or Inactive
Can be set to delay message until device has been in state for X minutes

By Switch
Triggered when turned On or Off
Can be set to delay message until device has been in state for X minutes

By Temperature
Triggered when temp is too High or Low
Can be set to delay message until device has been in state for X minutes

By Power Meter
Triggered when Power is too High or Low
Can be set to delay message until device has been in state for X minutes

This app has a ton of options available!

Control Switch Options

  • Select a device to turn this app on and off
  • Device can also be the Contact, Motion or Switch selected as trigger

Lighting Options

  • Turn light on and set to a level and/or color
  • Slowly dim lighting Up
    Can also delay other actions until this is completed, Great for Morning wake up routine!
  • Slowly dim lighting Down

Device Options

  • Turn devices On
  • Turn devices Off
  • Change Mode

Message Options

  • Choose either single Message or Random Message (unlimited)
  • Option to repeat message until control switch turns off or a max number of repeats is reached
  • Send message to any speech device
  • Send message to Pushover


  • Name
  • Enable/Disable Debug Logging

App can be found on my Github:

V1.2.0 - 06/18/19 - Fixed a couple of typos, Attempt to fix the 'run every x days' option


This is what I do with it...

  • Setup a school/no school schedule and turn on/off a virtual switch
  • Ultimate Alarm clock with slowly dimming up lights and repeating voice announcements
  • If Freezer/Fridge door is open longer than 5 minutes, make announcement... repeating every 30 seconds for 10 minutes. Also sends a notification to our phones.
  • Send reminder every other week that it's recycle week
  • Send reminder that it's trash day once a week

This looks really useful. Any chance it could allow setting bulb color before starting to fade up? I'm using Rule Engine now to fade up my Hue bulbs but first set the color to be closer to sunlight. My rule also currently waits and then triggers another action to turn them off (so I can skip turning them off myself but long enough so I'm awake). Any chance that's possible?

I've been thinking about that one too. Will have to figure something out. :thinking:

As for turning the light off, once my alarm goes off everything becomes motion controlled. If there is no motion for x amount of time, lights turn off own their own.

New version on Github...

V1.0.1 - 02/24/19 - Added color to lighting options. Other code cleanup.

Just now trying Notifier. Getting this error:

2019-02-27 04:28:00.046 pm [error] java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method multiply() on null object on line 304 (magicHappensHandler)

Good timing, I just fixed that on my end. I'll be uploading the fix soon (today) with a bunch of other enhancements.

New version on GitHub...

V1.0.1 - 02/27/19 - Name change to Notifier Plus. Added in triggers for Contact Sensors and Switches. (more to come!)

The designated Control Switch isn't recognized as 'On' when running the Speech Option.

  • In letsTalk...Okay, I'm done!
  • Control Switch is off

Hold on... I think i got it.

I think I got it :thinking:

New version on GitHub...

V1.0.3 - 02/27/19 - Fixed a bad bug in the letsTalk / messageHandler routines.

OK, it does the Speech Option but loses the TTS message. It says 'null' instead.

ok, let me know what options you are using so I can reproduce it please...


I used Notifier to replace all of our Alexa repeating reminders thereby moving them to local hosting. Bezos is going to miss knowing that my "Roomba runs downstairs today." If he needs to know, he can buy the info from Sergey & Larry, since chromecast is now in the loop.


Tons of enhancements added in the past couple of days...

V1.0.7 - 03/02/19 - Added more options to 'repeat message' section.

V1.0.6 - 03/01/19 - Fixed 'pause' button. Fixed 'by Day of the Week'. Special Thank you to @rcjordan for all the testing! Added Motion Sensor to Triggers.

V1.0.5 - 02/28/19 - Changed 'Speaker Synth' speaker device into two branches - Google Speakers and other speakers, fixes an issue with 'Initialize Google' speaker option. Contact Sensors triggers and Switch Triggers can now act as the Control Switch. Delay notifications now work.

V1.0.4 - 02/28/19 - Fixed speaking bug.

New version on GitHub...

V1.0.8 - 03/04/19 - Added Temp, Humidity and Power Triggers

This will be it for a while on this one! Time to work out the kinks and see what else might be missing. :thinking::thinking::grin:

Hi @bptworld, another great app. Thanks.

Can I suggest some enhancements to your app.

  1. We have rubbish collection every wednesday, but recycle collection every 2 weeks. I would like to set a reminder for every wednesday to notify whether it is just normal or recycle collection.

  2. Can I setup an alarm clock that notifies every hour what the current time is? I currently do this in RM but would love to do this operation within this app.

  3. Would it be possible to apply mode changes as triggers?

  4. Would it be possible to apply restrictions? I don't want notifications to be made in the middle of the night.

I think this should cover it.... :grin::sunglasses::wink:

V1.1.1 - 04/20/19 - Reworked speech options to match my other apps. Added Notifications by Mode. Added 'Hourly option' and an 'every other option' to 'By Day of the week' trigger. Added %time% to speech options.


@bptworld, I need light 1,2 ... turn on at 100 level and light A, B... turn on, level 100, 6500K when motion sensor " X1 " Active and Contact sensor " Z1 " open, motion sensor " X2 " keep the light on. Then when all motion sensor " X1, X2 " are inactive, delay 30 second, dim all the lights to 50 %, delay 30 second, then turn off. If motion detect active then reset delay, lights turn back on, level 100 … If the contact sensor " X2 " is closed then turn the app off.
With your apps Notifier Plus, how I can set up like that ?

Sounds like you want to use my Motion Controlled scene Lighting app :grin:

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