[Deprecated] Notifier Plus

I sure hope you have a flow chart for all of that. My brain shut off by the end of line 3!
Good luck.

Hi, this set up for my bathroom : light turn on when detect motion and bathroom door is open.

New version on Github...

V1.1.3 - 04/25/19 - Some code tweaking. Killed a few bugs.

Having an issue with setting up Month/Day/Year.


I've set up :

  1. Every Monday- Garbage reminder @ 5:15am
  2. Every other week, Take out Recycling.
  • April 29, 2019 @ 5:15am
  • May 13, 27, 2019 @ 5:15am
  1. When I add June, I cannot pick days. Only Month and year is displayed to pick.

I got out of Chrome and went back in.

Now I get this when I setup June.

Sorry about that.

New version on Github...

V1.1.4 - 04/25/19 - Fixed a bug when selecting 'Jun'

Working...Thank you.

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I'm getting a nullpointer exception:

The notifier plus is a simple setup of if it's a weekday 6.45am, then send a message notification - any idea what's wrong?

You need to select your 'Control Switch'


Actually I tried to not select a control switch option but it doesn't allow me. Just wondering why I need to set a control switch? Because I just want to send a notification at a specific time that's it.

Mainly because this started out as the ultimate alarm clock and grew from there. If all you want to do is send a notification at a specific time RM would be a better choice.

Ok sure got it. Will try it in RM. Thanks!

I am pretty new to Hubitat and I am enjoying your app immensely, Thank you!
I have successfully set up a message every day of the week, on the hour, where my Sonos speakers announce the hourly time. This is great but I was wondering is there a way for the announcements NOT to be in military time? In other words, 13 hundred hours is announced at 1PM.

No big deal but it would be nice. Any thoughts? Thank you again!

Can you show me how you have it setup so I can duplicate it?


I hope this helps. Thanks!


New version on Github...

V1.1.5 - 05/17/19 - Time can now be spoken in 24 or 12 hour formats

Perfect! Thank you so much.

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@bptworld, can I use this app Notifier Plus to check the status of switch, contact ? Ex : if switch A is on , then check and send , speak a notification : " switch B , C … are on or all are off, contact E, F is open … or all are closed " ? Thanks.

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Nope, too complex for this app.

Bryan, can this app be updated to be compatible with the new HE app for notifications?


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