[Deprecated] - Lighting Effects

Can I get a copy of the previous version? For testing proposes, it was working but with the Level that was set at the child app. No rush.


I added a prev folder to the Lighting Effects folder on Github. I had started to make other changes to that file but I think I got it back to the way it was for you.

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It works! Thanks for the consideration.

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I tried to copy the code of the child app via RAW import. something doesn't work... tried with my phone and PC. Same result.

Any ideas? the first symbol for example?

Don't know if possible with this app but I want basically just creat a wake up light that turns from red to daylight in a certain time.

The file looks corrupt to me.
Look at the first few lines.
Nothing is commented out.
Any thoughts @bptworld?

Somehow the code was all messed up on Github. I've loaded the code back up and it looks good now.

This app won't let you dim from one color to another (don't know any that do). It can dim up or down a light (any color), then change to a different color.

Might want to also take a look at Notifier Plus and see which one fits your needs better.


okey, thanks

I really like this app. Thanks @bptworld!

Given that I'm also using Osram RGBW bulbs, how did you get around the fact that (at least for me) when the Hue is set to 360 degrees so that the app functions properly?

I can't accurately control the colors of the bulbs in any dashboard (Hubitat, etc) when Lighting Effects is not running? Meaning, any color I select in the dashboard doesn't reflect what I see on the bulb.

When I have Hue set to 360 degrees off, I can control my lights properly via dashboards, but then they don't work properly in Lighting Effects.

Maybe you aren't using your lights via a dashboard, or there's some secret magic I haven't figured out yet. :slight_smile:

Thank you, again!

I haven't looked at this code in months. Definitely time to revisit. I've added it to my notes and hope to take a look at this soon.



Awesome! Thank you very much. No expectations or pressure from me. I really appreciate your reply!

Hi @bptworld just curious if this is still something you might look at eventually. No pressure, only curious. Iā€™m grateful for what you have already provided! :slight_smile:

Is anyone having issues where the lights get "stuck" on one color? Seems like I either configured something wrong or I'm not smart enough to figure it out.

Am I missing something here, I can't seem to install apps, there seems to be missing headers? do I have the wrong links?

"Ambiguous expression could be either a parameterless closure expression or an isolated open code block; solution: Add an explicit closure parameter list, e.g. {it -> ...}, or force it to be treated as an open block by giving it a label, e.g. L:{...} @ line 1, column 1."

How to install apps and drives can be found in my docs folder on GitHub.


I had this app working previously, but for some reason under "choose your colors" all are labeled null. Any idea what's going on here?

Did you fill in the Advanced Section in the parent app and hit 'done'?

Apparently, not. Fixed it right up thanks.

It is doing this weird flicker, strobe thing though. Is that just how it works or do I have a bug?

Currently a demo set up, but looking to use this to set holiday lights for exterior sconces.

It's all about how you have it setup and which type of bulbs you are using. The only ones I've found that work consistently are Hue. Everything else does what they want when they want, lol. I've tried Osram (zigbee) and LinearLinc (zwave) in testing and neither was reliable.

Hubitat really needs to have the options for effects. When I have a color strip or bulb it would be nice to add effects the cheap wifi light strips have these features I have many of these.

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