C8 Migration from C7

Pretty sure a single remote admin subscription covers all hubs in the same account so no worries there.

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It does (all have to be under the same admin account)


Yes... the migration back isn't going to be seamless, that's all. That's not any different from moving from one C7 to another, though.

Awesome, so just the protect/warranty aspect wouldn't apply to the new one until the old one expired. I suppose turning off auto renewal makes sense and then renew/resub with the new one next year. Thanks

Yep and as @bobbyD stated, he can make a case ensuring the C8 gets enrolled after the current subscription expires if I understood correctly

UPDATED 5/22/2023

For users looking to transfer their subscriptions from one hub to another, please check out this post:

The Hub Protect service is not transferable, but we understand that users who are migrating from an older hub that has an active subscription, may no longer need the old hub to be protected.

In that case, the user should cancel the service on the older hub (which will remain pending cancelation until the service expires) and then create a case by visiting below page. We can then temporarily enable the service on the new hub so that it is covered until the service expires.

The user will need to sign up the new hub for Hub Protect when the old subscription expires in order to continue the coverage on the C-8 hub.


We need more granularity in the options to transfer to the new hub like zwave zigbee or cloud integrations separately..

The migration only happens from the cloud. You can migrate just z-wave, or just zigbee, or both.

If you are trying to go from one hub to two hubs there really would be no easy way to do it.
You could migrate the entire hub, then delete what you dont want on the new hub.
Go back to the old hub and reset both radios, and delete any apps/devices from the old hub that you are keeping on the new hub.
Then setup hub mesh and you can share things between them as needed.

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Current migration covers most of the real world scenarios. Not nearly 100% of them, sure, but migration logic would get a lot more complicated if were to try and be more granular. It doesn't pass the "most bang for the buck" test.


Apart from the radios is there any other advantages of the C8 over the C7? More powerful processor? More ram?

No and No.
New Zwave and Zigbee chips which are more powerful, along with external antennas.


And built-in wifi!

I'd never use wifi - and I don't have any issues with the radios so I don't think there's any reason for me to upgrade for now. More power and ram with the old antennas and i'd be there in a flash though.


The other upside is matter/thread for the c8. As far as radios, with the new one all but one of my z-wave devices (a lock) are now directly connected to my hub. No hops with incredibly low rtt. It's never been so healthy.


this will work, you just can't restore from a c8 -> cx and have zigbee work out of the box as it does with cx -> c8


If I were to buy one, is it easy to factory reset my current C7 hub after the migration? I'm considering selling/giving it to a neighbor for him to tinker with.

Very easy

Once migration is complete. De register the hub from your account (this is a must). Then reset the zigbee and the z-wave radios. Then go to yourhubip:8081 and do a softreset. Boom ready for the next person.


This is what I may want to do in the future, but at the start I'm going to move everything from my primary C-7 over to the C-8 and see how things go. Assuming things go well I'll then move devices I have on my other C-7 over to the C-8. No problems, no more changes required.

I do feel a little odd to have two C-7s at that point just sittting, so I might eventually move some of my integrations over to one of them, just because futzing w/the hubs is part of the fun, right? :wink:

I may eventually move one of the hubs to our cottage, but it's a summer-only property and we don't keep internet on the 8-ish months of the year when it's not in use.