C7 CPU spikes

@gopher.ny I noticed something odd on my C7 since one of the recent updates a few weeks ago, it seems to be having a prolonged CPU spike during the night.

I didn't correlate what might be causing it until today, but it seems to be happening after I shutdown my main PC for the night (about 23:00) and then subsequently stops when I switch the PC on again in the morning (around 08:30).

I do usually keep browser tabs open (devices and runtime stats) to all my hubs, but not sure why that would be causing the CPU spikes? If anything, you would think that the spikes would be occurring when the PC was ON not OFF?

This C7 only has 12 Z-Wave devices on it and literally zero load.

Interesting... is there an external system pulling data from the hub? Those CPU spikes top out around 1 (meaning one 1 core fully loaded out of 4), so the hub is not overwhelmed and can continue running indefinitely with no ill effects.

Do you mind if I grab the database off the hub to check it out?

I use Maker API for inbound control and there's an event socket connection to node-red on an RPi, but those are running all the time 24/7.

As I said, it's an odd one because the timing of the spikes seems to coincide with my main PC being OFF. Like you said though, it doesn't seem to be impacting it performance wise so it's not a problem as such, just thought it was strange.

No problem with you remote connecting to it.

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@martyn: How do you get the graphs from your initial post...I poked around Hubitat and can't find where they are.


I log the data and graph it externally, I do all mine via node-red and emoncms.

To do it "onboard" there's a couple of community Apps / Drivers that might help - Hubigraphs and Hub Information Driver.


Just curious are using anything from hubitat that does pings to monitor for devices to be up or down?

Nope I only use my hubs as radio gateways, everything else is in node-red. Pretty much the only thing running on any of them is Maker API (inbound) and event socket connection (outbound).

@mavrrick58, the Device Watchdog might do what you are looking for - it checks if the device from a list of your choosing has been reporting in and will let you know if it hasn’t.

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DW in combination with Hubitat Ping and Web Pinger can provide good results, been playing with those earlier today to provide the status of various hubs along with web services such as Grafana...

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