AU/NZ Products and Retailer Guide

Products & Retailer Guide

Australia & New Zealand

It can be quite challenging locating compatible products to use with your system, so we've put together these wiki posts to assist in providing relevant product information for AU/NZ.

We have a limited range of products available in our region compared to NA and UK, especially given our heavier certification requirements in Australia for electrical equipment.

There are many major retailers that are now stocking a range of Smart Home products, as well as specialty stores.

Retailer Brands

Note: Not all brands listed here work with Hubitat. Refer to the product post for more info around compatible products

Bunnings -- Link
Arlec GridConnect (Tuya), TP-Link (Kasa), Philips Hue, Sengled, LIFX, Ring, Arlo, Yale, Schlage
Officeworks -- Link
Hue, LIFX, Nanoleaf, Brilliant (Tuya), TP-Link (Kasa), Lenovo, Netatmo, D-Link, Ring, Arlo, Eufy, Google Nest, Amazon Echo
Ikea -- Link
Tradfri (Smart Lighting), Symfonisk (SONOS), Fyrtur Blinds (Soon)
JB-Hifi-- Link
Google, Amazon, SmartThings, Ring, Arlo, Lenovo, Eufy, Philips Hue, LIFX, Sengled, Yale, Schlage, Sensibo, TP-Link, Nanoleaf, D-Link, Netatmo, LG, JBL, eve
Kmart-- Link
Google, Amazon, Mirabella Genio (Tuya)
Harvey Norman-- Link
Google, Amazon, Laser Connect SmartHome (Tuya), Other brands similar to JB

Specialty Online Stores

3aSmartHome (VIC)

Online and local retailer that sells Zigbee Lighting/Sensors/Switches under the Nue brand, via eBay and Amazon. Products appear to be rebadges of Zemismart gear. Hubitat has recently added direct driver support for the lighting switches. Also sells through Lectory


Main Website | Ebay Store | Amazon

Active Automation (NZ)

Online retailer that sells Z-Wave automation, as well as Raspberry Pi gear

Aeotec, Fibaro, Heiman, Raspberry Pi, Remotec, TKB, Vision, Yale

Main Website

Black Cat Control Systems (VIC)

Online and local retailer that specialises in custom Z-Wave automation, whilst selling other more commercial and rebadged tech

Black Cat, Philio, Neo, Broadlink, Doorbird

Main Website

Capital Smarthomes (ACT)

Online retailer that sells mostly Z-Wave (with some Smartthings sensors and other smart wifi/lan products. Is active on OzBargain with sales, and can usually use discounts on eBay

Aeotec, Fibaro, Dome, Vision, Netatmo, Nanoleaf, SmartThings

Main Website | Ebay Store

Lectory (NSW)

Online lighting retailer that sells mostly Zigbee lighting solutions, along with Hue compatible lights, and some WiFI versions. They provide installation services as well. Active on OzBargain, does occasionally have sales. Be careful when looking at the lights. If they say Philips Hue in the title, that may indicate compatibility not that they are made by Hue.

Zigbee & WiFi Lights (likely Zemismart rebadges), Nue, Philips Hue, LIFX, Nanoleaf

Main Website

LiveHouse Automation (WA)

Online and local retailer in Perth WA providing Z-Wave automation products and installation services

Aeotec, Black Cat, Dome, Fibaro, GOAP Qubino, MCO Home, Philio, Remotec, Vision, Yale

Main Website

Nimbull Smart Home (NSW)

Online retailer that sells wide range of smart home brands, focusing on Z-Wave automation, but with Smart Lighting, and more.

Aeotec, Fibaro, Dome, Qubino, Philio, Remotec, Vision, Philips Hue, Sengled, LIFX, Nanoleaf, TP-Link, Vivitar (Tuya), Belkin, D-Link, Sensibo, Schlage, Yale, Nest, Echo, Arlo, Eufy, Swann, Netatmo

Main Website

OzSmarthings (NSW)

Online retailer that sells a mix of Z-Wave and other smart home products. Has some products on an eBay storefront as well.

Aeotec, Fibaro, Goap, Qubino, MCOHome, Remotec, Soma Blinds, Hue, Broadlink, Vivitar (Tuya)

Main Website | Ebay Store

SmartHome (VIC)

Online retailer that focuses on Z-Wave automation, along with HUE lighting and security systems. Sells from their eBay store as well, and supports local pickup (Coburg North).

Aeotec, Dome, Doorbird, Fakro, Fibaro, Remotec, Vision, Yale, Philips Hue, Logitech, Sonos, Netatmo, Clipsal

Main Website | Ebay Store

Smart Living (NSW)

Online retailer that sells a mix of Z-Wave and other smart home products. They provide installation services as well.

Aeotec, DHS, Dome, Fakro, Fibaro, Qubino, Neo Coolcam, Remotec, TKB Philio, Vision, Yale

Main Website (NSW)

Online retailer that specialises in the Philips Hue lighting system.

Philips Hue

Main Website

Z-Wave Home Automation Australia (VIC)

Online retailer that sells Z-Wave automation gear

Aeotec, Dome, Fakro, Fibaro, Qubino, Philio, Remotec, Vision, Yale, Clipsal

Main Website


Product Information

Smart Lighting

We have a number of brands in the smart lights/bulb space, some work natively with Hubitat, whilst others have custom apps/drivers, and some currently don't have any connection.
image image image image image image

Philips Hue - Native local integration available with the Hue Bridge that works very well, can only control bulbs and groups, not scenes. Bulbs can be paired directly to the hub (without Bridge) but are bad repeaters, so most use the Hue Bridge or a second Hubitat hub just for bulbs.

Sengled There are a few Element bulbs on the compatible list that can pair directly, they don't repeat which is good if you're mixing the lights with sensors. Careful not to buy WiFi/Bluetooth versions as they don't pair.

LIFX - No native support, but there are community solutions to using the bulbs locally. See this thread Lifx Local Control and this GitHub for Rob's code.

IKEA - The TRΓ…DFRI system from IKEA can be a bit hit and miss, but there are folks that use the bulbs directly with Hubitat using generic zigbee drivers. The wireless dimmers can be paired, but not the 5 button steering wheel. If you're using the Hue integration, then pairing the IKEA bulbs to the Hue Bridge and using them through that is another successful way of using them. The signal repeaters are quite weak, but can be paired to HE to help route for sensors, basically required if you want to use Xiaomi sensors.

TP-Link - Kasa bulbs are WiFi based and aren't natively supported, but there is a custom integration from Dave Gut that requires you use the Kasa app to setup the lights, but then can control them locally. TP-Link Plug Switch and Bulb Integration | GitHub

TUYA - Smart Life is a platform from a chinese company called Tuya. There are many manufacturers that use their chip and platform for their smart devices. There are many products in the Australian/NZ market (especially at the big chains) that leverage this platform. Hubitat doesn't have a native integration as it is cloud based, but there are two main methods that folks have to flash a different firmware (called Tasmota) onto the chip to gain local control over the device. Eric has a custom firmware driver for integrating those devices locally into Hubitat. Tasmota Sonoff Hubitat Driver. Refer to the Guides post below for more detailed information on using the Tuya devices with Hubitat.

Smart Plugs / Power Boards

Smart Switches

Smart Sensors

Smart Speakers


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Cool this is looking good


Awesome work Mr.G ! (@gbrown)


@gbrown I came across, if you can add them to the list please. They sell z-wave products along with some Raspberry Pis. I bought a Aeotec product from them recently.

I am not sure if they ship to Australia or not.

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Some good prices here. Fibaro zwave gear.


got one of the sauron motion sensors.
Not usb powered - but not bad for $55

Thanks for the heads up on msy. I had forgotten msy had fibaro gear.
Just picked up a few items.

Anyone got tracking numbers from this lot yet ?
im super ready to get this thing plugged in.

Not yet. Was wondering the same

online support said tomorrow to get shipped.



Except I rushed my order and odereded the roller shutter 2 by mistake cos I read the model numbers wrong. Thought I was ordering a double relay switch! :man_facepalming:

Has anyone got a tracking number from MSY yet ?
still nothing after a week.



Not yet..... Tried calling today but no answer!

been on the phone 2 days in a row, after 45 minutes on hold ive hung up...

literally just got finished blasting them and got a tracking number. Would have to be the worst online retailer ive dealt with so far. all the other fibaro items are back to normal price & instock vs the one I bought. Unless its instock locally wont buy from them again.