Aqara FP2 released

Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 is now officially released :

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Until April 22, you can get 15% OFF using the following codes FP2USCA1 (US & CA), and EU5PSFP2 (FR, DE, IT, ES, UK)


IMHO that's a real game changer.


@kkossev do you know what the major differences from the FP1 are?

Here is FP2 comparision with FP1 :


For those who want to buy from Amazon, there is a 15% off code FP2USCA1

Since it has an ESP32 and many test pads on the board, I am hoping for an open (and local) way to integrate.


Oh interesting, it’s not using zigbee…

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No swivel which i use and no zigbee ie cloud kills it for me.

Nice, been looking for a better method for presence tracking.

Pricey little bugger tho :flushed:

Curious how these would handle cats roaming around a room late at night.

I know with the mmWave sensors you can set a maximum distance, so you could in theory have it trigger only when something is over 3 foot tall.

Just ordered an FP2, only just bought the FP1 from Aliexpress last week but it will work for many other things, it was over half the price of this too. Ordered a ceiling mounted and a wall mounted version of the generic mmWave sensors and they work better and faster than the PIR sensor in the Aeotec Muiltisensor 7 which is ridiculous really - especially as these are supposed to be slower than a PIR sensor!

I guess it'll be a while before we get proper support in Hubitat for the FP2 - and i've no idea how it'll work with all the zone stuff, if at all. I don't mind using their app to manage all of that though if only it worked locally.

The other major thing for me with the FP2 is the ability for the cable to be tucked inside the body and go behind - the FP1 has it just come out of the side and there's no way to hide it in a proper installation. I want ceiling mounted sensors where cables are invisible and it looks like, even though it'd stick out a bit, the FP2 could do this now.


I suppose this device generates a lot of traffic, so Zigbee may not be possible… We will know when tested.


Disappointed about no zigbee but maybe possible to connect through wifi or alexa using the aqara hub (says alexa compatible)
Not a fan of cloud devices but if I can get it working in Alexa then I can use it with my ring cameras and amazon shows.
Guess we will see ordered one to test.

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What would make this perfect would have been POE, powered and LAN hardwired, full speed, no dropouts, stable power, easy to wire in and install professionally. Then of course it all working over LAN too. We know the ESP24 can do this from Shelly multi switches as thats exactly how I use them.


Amazon US Link:

At $83 and no Zigbee, my initial thought is I'll wait and see.

That's especially so given I had two FP1s fail (but at least the FP2 is sold here, so I wouldn't be SOL like I was with the FP1).

But the coupon does work:

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I’m due to receive two FP1 sensors any day now, but I ordered an FP2 any way. I suspect I will integrate it to Hubitat through HomeKit using virtual switch/sensors for now, until there is a local integration to Hubitat. Since there is a local integration with HomeKit, I suspect it won’t be too long until there is one for Hubitat…

@kkossev, I’d be happy to help test if you work on one.


This is a great article. Thanks for sharing that!

It looks like setting it up on WiFi via the Aqara app, and then connecting it to Home Assistant via HomeKit can give you an all local solution. From that article:

NOTE: If you remove the Aqara Home App after setting your detection zones, the Aqara FP2 will still work without the app with Home Assistant via the HomeKit Controller Integration. Everything you’ve preconfigured will be functional and working, so you do not actually need the app after the initial deployment of the sensor. You will need it again if you want to edit zones and tweak settings.


If you have HA set up, you could import the sensor and it’s zones from Apple Home to HA, then you could set up routines using HE virtual switches imported to HA. I do this for HE routines using ATVs and HomePods.


True! But I don’t have HA…


Just bought one. If no one beats me to it, I'll start poking for local integration as soon as I get it in.


How do people generally place these usb powered devices? Do you just pop them on walls and have the cords running down the wall? I generally only have battery motion detectors and hesitate with non-battery devices because i don’t really want the eye sore of a cord running down my wall.