[RELEASE] Tuya Zigbee Multi-Sensor 4 In 1 (PIR motion sensors and mmWave presence radars) w/ healthStatus

You can experiment with reducing the radar sensitivity, narrowing the minimum and maximum detection distances and lowering the fadingTime parameter.

Do you have any fans or air conditioners or anything else that can interfere with the radar presence detection?

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I had to turn the sensitivity to 4 to get it to shut off quickly after being triggered. It now goes inactive in about 20 seconds, sometimes less. Distance is set to minimum 1 maximum 8. Fade time is 10.


Hi Henk,

Can you try the latest dev.branch version 1.3.3 2023-04-25 ?

As the Button capability is not a standard feature for this 4-in-1 driver ( typically Motion+Temperature+Humidity+Illuminance), you will need to uncomment these lines in the code :

Also have in mind, that this device doesn't have an analog lux meter, but just a simple 'dark' / 'bright' indicator output. This is represented as illuminance 0/1, but it should be enough to trigger your automations.

Anyone bought one of these and got it working yet? Seem like an amazing product beyond the FP1. How much functionality could we get when linked to Hubitat I wonder…

Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 Multi-Person Detection Fall Detection and Alerts Work With HomeKit Aqara Home APP

Ill check that!

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Aqara FP2 is released outside of China now, although it became quickly out of stock on Amazon. New supplies are expected in the beginning of May, so check often the Amazon links in the next weeks..

Currently, the integration of FP2 to Hubitat is possible via Home Assistant (HomeKit Controller) or via virtual switches from HomeKit.

My advise will be to not buy FP2 from AliExpress now, as it is a Chinese region version and may conflict with other Aqara devices which you may have locked to non-Chinese regions.

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Thank you. I should have used search :relaxed:

There is interesting rumor, that Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 could get later support for Matter & Thread by software update. And C-8 have bulit-in hardware, that could support it too, according even to official releases:

So, maybe we will someday have new generation of Aqara devices working in normal way with hubitat?

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Will it be possible to have the option to disable the "illuminance" please?
I believe that I may be getting a high number of events due to illuminance.


High number of events


Thanks as always for your support

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Sure, I have it already in my TODO list. Note, that these unnecessary illuminance events will still be sent over the air, there is no way to configure this Tuya device to not send them. But at least, the event generation number will be reduced a little.

Tuya radars are spammy by 'design' - this is because of the distance to the detected object being sent every second when the radar senses an object. Sadly, this can not be disabled too.. :frowning:

I am running my 2 Tuya radars on the old C-7 hub, meshed to the C-8 hub where all other Zigbee and Z-wave devices are now.

For now, you can just increase the spammy device threshold, to avoid the system warnings :

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Great, thanks for the explanation.
Look forward to your updated driver.
I've just recently started using the Tuya presence sensor, and it is very good; I had to tweak the distance to get it to work in the living room.
I will purchase more of these mm-wave sensors and reduce the requirement to use multiple motion sensors in a single room or hallway.

In the current version you can also increase the Lux threshold (it is 1 Lux by default)


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Great, thank you!
I have found and made both of your suggested changes in the device setting.

I will dare, to be slightly offtopic:

Does anyone have idea, how to mount that "radars" intended to be mounted into suspended ceiling, into a traditional concrete ceiling? I'm analyzing that dilemma, and I do not have an idea how to solve it yet. First option, is to build some kind of box, but I'm afraid that it will look ugly. Second option, is to cut a hole into concrete, but... I will almost certainly hit the reinforcement elements, so it will take a lot of effort to make a hole for a radar, maybe a diamond holesaw could do that?

I'm quite convinced, to use "radars", but that issue makes me.. not fully sane, and I could be forced to use a few decent PIR sensors instead.

I have mine mounted on a plastic box, I have cut a circle on one of the box sides... but it still looks ugly, not something to show in a picture. I have one of them placed on the top of cabinet, probably 30 centimeters below the ceiling, and another on a shelf, 1 meter below the ceiling. My wife still doesn't like them, but she rarely looks at that direction .. : )

BTW, all the radars can 'see' through glass and plastic! So actually there is no need the sensors front/face plate to be visible - you can put them inside any non-conductive box, hide them inside the wooden or glass door cabinet for example! I will experiment this next days, the only problem is that I have to drill a hole for the USB power supply to go inside the normally closed cabinet.

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Good point!

Could you check if the radar would penetrate a layer of books? And would penetrate a drywall?

Theoretically, I could hide it behind the wooden back of the bookshelf or behind another piece of furniture. But there is still an issue, because for at least half of rooms I would need two pieces of them to cover movement, on at opposite ends of the room. Mounting radar under the ceiling should in my case cover the whole room. Anyway, doing holes in walls sounds much better than doing it into ceiling, I could even cover the radars with drywall.

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I just got one of the 24ghz with fall detection in the mail. It's the one you listed at the top.
Zigbee ID: "TS0601"; "__TZE200_lu01t0zl"

I'm not getting any of the settings options. I tried to use the "TS0601"; "__TZE200_vrfecyku" profile but is doing the same thing. What all do you need from me? Logs i am sure. I'll get you the logs here shortly. In the meantime, here's some screen shots of what I'm seeing.

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I got this mmWave sensor for testing. It seems to be working fine with your driver.

(Although the when I first joined the device the hub picked the "Tuya Scene Switch TS0004F" driver instead. I had to manually switch it, and then I reset the device and rejoined it.)


Smart Human Presence Sensor Tuya Zigbee mmWave Radar Detector


fingerprint profileId:"0104", endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0004,0005,EF00,0000", outClusters:"0019,000A", model:"TS0601", manufacturer:"_TZE204_sooucan5"

It very quickly detects motion active and then reports inactive within 2 seconds of me covering the sensor.

It keeps thinking there is a humidity value:

It is powered by USB (comes with an A-to-C cable, which goes into the C port on the side).


It seems to get an update every 3 seconds. I suspect this is not a humidity report.

This is new and unknown for the driver Tuya radar ... Have you manually set the correct device profile?


No, this is the radar distance report. Should go away when you manually set a radar profile.

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