Aqara FP2

Been after one of these since I saw the first reviews, finally available locally if anyone is interested. I'll be hooking mine up to Alexa and using virtual switches passed through from Hubitat initially. Not cheap but perfect for my plan which is to turn on the lights in a hallway etc based on direction of travel and so on.



This appears to be a WiFi device. It will only work with Hubitat if there is a suitable integration available.

True, but his planned approach will also work. I have done the same - setup a virtual switch per zone. The only difference for me is that I have HomeKit turn on/off the presence switch.

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I paired my FP2 to Home Assistant, using HA’s HomeKit Controller integration. I then used the Hubitat Community’s HADB integration to bring the HA presence zone sensors, plus the Illuminance sensor, into Hubitat. This works great, and is all local.


I have a few wifi devices where I use a virtual switch in Hubitat and let Alexa do the very basics of setting the switch to on or off and then Hubitat incorporates that into a more complicated integration. With the advent of Matter that will change I hope and future wifi devices on the network will be exposed to hubitat more easily?? Matter is going to be added to the FP2 via an OTA update (along with posture and sleep detection!), when that happens I'll get some more :wink:


Main FP2 thread (I see this is for AU)

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