Air Quality Monitor Recommendations

I've seen a few different people post about different air quality monitors they're using and integrating into HE:
@Digital_BG - Awair - [Release] AwAir Elements Driver - co2 air quality monitor
@pedro.f.andrade - Awair - Awair Air Quality
@Inpier - Foobot - Foobot Air Quality Monitor
@storageanarchy - PurpleAir - [RELEASE] Free Device Driver for the PurpleAir Air Quality Station - Now with Hubitat support!
@LostJen - AirThings - [RELEASE] Air Things Wave Plus support + HM3301 laser PM2.5 (using Grove I2C)

I'm just curious as to what people think are the best for monitoring indoor air quality and integrating with HE for automations (e.g., turn on the HVAC fan, send an alert). I have plenty of sensors that monitor for temp and humidity, so I'm not so concerned about that. And I live in a high-rise condo, so radon isn't really of any concern for me either. However, carbon dioxide, VOCs, and dusts (PM2. 5) are definitely of concern. Especially with us all spending most of our time at home with COVID-19, I'd just love to be able to monitor the air quality a bit more and be able to setup some automations in Rule Machine to help control the air quality inside a bit more.

Awair seems like it monitors/reports most of what I'd be interested in, but I've read some reviews that are giving me some pause regarding the company and them backing their product/customer service issues. I like the look of Airthings, but am surprised they don't have a PM2.5 sensor... I see @LostJen was able to use a separate sensor to monitor for that though, so that's an option. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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Regarding Awair, it is a good product, and i think measurements are fairly accurate except for dust, which after a while just doesn't go lower than a certain amount - it was suggested to me to blow compressed air to the sensor to clean but it was of no help. They seem to have pretty much disappeared in Europe, not sure how it is in the US.

I have a foobot which I have not tried to integrate with HE. It appears to do a good job measuring PM2.5 and VOCs although I don't have any reference to compare its readings to. The readings seem to fluctuate as expected in response to activities. One exception is that it gets messed up by having the windows open and then closing them. It does NOT sense CO2. The advertisements give the impression that it can estimate CO2 based on other readings. I don't believe that. The CO2 estimate does not fluctuate as you would expect CO2 to fluctuate in response to things like ventilation rate.

If in Europe, the BleBox unit works with Hubitat (community driver). It natively measures particulate matter only, down to PM 1. It reports air quality in accordance with EU standards based on the PM10 and PM2.5 measurements. Not generally available in US (although I use one). It would be good to use as a trigger for air filtration systems (including central air fans with good return air filters).

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I'm in the same boat.
Very interested in which air monitor in general is good and would like to tie it into HE.
I'm looking at PurpleAir and Awair, but not sure which.

I was leaning purpleair, but their indoor device though looks pretty horrible, and the WAF might cause issue for where I place it.

also can use this on the ecowitt gw1000 weather station works fine..
ECOWITT WH0290 Air Quality Monitor Meter PM2.5 Detector Indoor Outdoor with Temperature and Humidity for Home Office Car: Industrial & Scientific : ECOWITT GW1004 Wi-Fi Weather Station Gateway with Wireless Multi-Channel Temperature and Humidity Sensor : Garden & Outdoor ECOWITT WH41 PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor Monitor Indoor Outdoor - Accessory Only, Can Not Be Used Alone: Industrial & Scientific

Looks like that only measures PM2.5 and gives a AQI, but not VOCs, CO2, correct? So it gets you some of the information, but not all.

correct. they are coming out with new one that will integrate with c02 and pm 10 but not sure when it wil lbe avail.. also like inexpensive sensors it is pretty accurate except when there i high humidity as no built in heater.

PurpleAir only measures PM2.5, correct? At a minimum, I'd like measurements on PM2.5, VOCs, and CO2. Awair gets those 3, which is great, and it's a visually pleasing piece of tech to have out/visible, but I have some concerns since people are reporting that Awair is cutting off integrations, bad customer service, etc. It's a newer company, and I wonder if they'll continue to back their product.

The Awair Element looks interesting (not cheap but not unduly pricey either) and there is a homebridge plugin which should allow data to be passed through to HE. They have a local API mentioned on the site which is presumably what the plugin uses.

Yeah, the Awair Element is what looks like the best fit, and people have been able to integrate the readings into HE - I'm just concerned with some reviews I've read about their company cutting off support for certain services this year. Seems like the company may not have the resources to maintain their products/I'm concerned they'll go under and then the integrations won't work and I'll have wasted $150.

ecowitt now has there new co2 pm 2 pm 10 sensor out.. just ordered one also price but their stuff integrates real well.

When you get it integrated, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Still wish it had a VOC sensor in it too... But that's not absolutely necessary.

Has anyone tried the Airthings Wave Plus with the Hub? There doesn't seem to be an integration for it yet...

I'm leaning towards Airthings over Purple Air because of the Radon measurements.

Hmmm. I just found their new Airthings View Plus (not out yet) will have all the same sensors of the Wave Plus, but includes wifi, so you don't need the hub... so probably not worth doing a Hubitat integration until the View Plus comes out.

I recommend ecowitt's pm 2.5/10/co2 sensor which pairs up to the gw1000 gateway. I just added it to my ambient weather station setup, and its pretty accurate

And are you happy with the Hubitat integration?

Yes, very happy with the integration

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I just ordered these toys (GW1000 Gateway and WH45 Air Quality Monitor) but
I cannot find a driver.
Could you please point me which one you are using and where to get it?

Thank you.

Hubitat package manager.
Search ecowitt by simon burke
He took the code over after the original author left

@SigFan86 and @vitaliy_kh

How has it been with the GW1000 and the WH45. I am looking at adding this so i can monitor indoor air quality in a few places at my house that i speed allot of time.

How is the size of the WH45