[Release] AwAir Elements Driver - co2 air quality monitor

AwAir Elements Driver for Hubitat

This is a driver to connect to AwAir Elements air quality monitor.
This is a wireless local Lan smart co2 and air quality monitor.

Brand: AwAir
Model: Elements

Any feedback is welcome

Install link

Hubitat-AwAir/AwAir_Driver.groovy at master · DigitalBodyGuard/Hubitat-AwAir · GitHub

Setup the AwAir device:
It is pulished on a local lan url by a json payload.

Turn on the info page in AwAir Settings->Developer

If you need to find your AwAir ip.
The mac address has the same last 4 as the serial number.

Follow up notes:
It has some extra data feilds I can pull in, so I will work on this a bit more over the next couple of weeks.


I am looking for a good tile solution to show it on the Dashboard.

If anyone knows how to do tiles with co2 and air quality.

I enjoy [RELEASE] Tile Master - Display multiple devices that can be Controlled from the tile! for creating various custom tiles. You can use the attribute from the device to populate it onto the custom tile

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Nice that looks like it.


You mentioned seeking a better sensor in another thread. I cannot personally speak to the quality of the Ecowitt WH0290 sensor, but other owners might. There’s a community driver for the Required GW1000 gateway and the air quality sensor is listed as a compatible device.

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Is this still an active project? I have a few Awair Element and find they work well enough for me to use and I wanted to interface with them in Hubitat. I'm happy to work with you on this @Digital_BG. Joe

Still new to the whole Hubitat community, so pardon the ignorance. Would this driver make it so that if Awair, the company, goes out of business I would still be able to use the device? I've been burned by that in the past, and trying to make sure I at least have a hubitat-enabled backup.

I don't know if the original developer is still active, as I sent in a PR and have yet to get a response in any way on it. My current plans are to continue some cleanup on my fork and if they want to integrate my changes, they can. You can always look at my fork if you want.

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As far as I can tell, not exactly. While this driver does use the Local API, the device still needs to be set up through Awair and the Local API needs to be enabled from their application. There may be such a way to do so locally, but I am not aware of a way currently.

Yes. You need to provision the Awair on the cloud and then through the configuration turn on the local API. It's a one time thing so no big deal. I've been playing around with the driver as well so would be happy to try with your fork. Just in case you didn't know Hubitat added a variable for air quality so that can be incorporated as well.

The air quality capability is for an AQI number (0-500), so it unfortunately doesn't work with the Awair score which is 0-100 and doesn't translate directly into AQI, AFAICT.

For my case I only use Awair Elements so I would think it would work but I agree with your point more generically.

Better to not use a capability that isn't what it is. AQI is 0 - 500 where larger numbers mean worse quality. The Awair Score is 0 - 100 where larger is better. Multiplying the Awair Score by 5 wouldn't work in that case, for example.

Now, in the Awair application, they do provide a calculated AQI based only on the PM 2.5 reading. There are also formulas for converting various pollutants into the AQI scale, so it should be possible to generate an AQI value with enough effort. The driver could calculate the AQI of each pollutant that it detects and then choose the highest value, for example.

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