Is an Awair aq driver coming?

I noticed in Hubitat Live! an Awair on the back of the Patrick's studio.
Is a driver on the road?

Not any time soon unless someone wants to develop one.

I just have it to monitor my studio air quality.

I did pick it because of their API, but a driver / integration is not a high priority item at this time.

Strong and clear.
It seems a nice device. Is'nt it?

So far, yes. I like the co2 reading, as I was unaware it was building up towards end of day. Need to vent the studio better.

It's devices like these that if they had local apis would be awesome for automation but being cloud based it's tough. But better than nothing.

Ok. I'll get a look at Awair. What's about Shelly switches? They have local api (too much OT? :grin:)

I use multiple Awairs, but have them linked to HomeKit via HomeBridge:

I see that someone made a SmartThings driver though, may this will be of help if someone wants to build a Hubitat version of the driver:

posted a Driver for AwAir Elements

post: [Release] AwAir Elements Driver - co2 air quality monitor