Adding OpenWeatherMap

How do I add OpenWeatherMap to Hubitat?

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I had this problem initially also, here's the response:

Once you do it, it'll be one of those "doh!" moments :wink:

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OK, but adding the virtual device it is requiring a device network ID. What do I use?

You can make that up, I was feeling particularly creative so I used "Weather" :slight_smile:


Got it, thanks.

5hrs ago I answered the same thing :smiley:

As you said.. "Doh!" moment..


Well, its working - pulling the weather data, but its way off. Why? Because its using only the central Los Angeles city info instead of the specified inland valley. There is a 20 degree difference as one is coastal and the other isn't. They even show my location on their map site, but don't provide the data?

Guess the free API is not that accurate as their site talks about the "Startup" subscription provides "Higher geographic accuracy" for just $40 a month. Really? Not going to happen.

I think Yahoo Weather would have been a better choice although who knows how long they are going to be around as they have changed hands a few times.

Try apixu.


Much better so far...

What is ?
After you switched to APIXU weather ??

Yes I have and it does work better. At least I have my location's data now instead of 20 miles away on the other side of a mountain range.

hello i have been trying to add import the new driver code but i keep getting missing access key, after i have added the key multiple times. does anyone have an example of how to import this... I am using APIXU.
Thanks in advance.

Didnโ€™t APIXU cease or change the free use of their API ?
That could be your issue.

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As @njanda indicates, you should switch to something else. DarkSky is a popular alternative. There's a community integration written by @Matthew available here:


thanks. i will check it out.

We are always happy to help you with any technical issues with our products at OpenWeather. You can always contact us at Did you have any specific issues with the accuracy? How did you test it? I'm affraid it wouldn't be possible for data to differ that much.


Hello @arturasrosliakas - welcome to Hubitat! Nice to have someone from here!


I enter my key but I still get no information being sent.