End of Service for the Weather Underground API

Happy New Year! It is now past 12/31/2018 and as far as I can tell, my WU driver is still pulling the same amount of data from the WU API this morning. No errors or other indications that anything has changed. Anyone else notice any changes?

SHHHH! I'm seeing the same.

They probably all have the day off... The sky will fall tomorrow!

Does somebody have a suggestion on how to get weather in a dashboard, was planning on using the WU api but from what i read I won't be able to get an API Key, not that savvy with codd so was wanting the path of least resistance, what would it take to use something like Yahoo weather API?

searching is pretty easy...


My weather underground data feed using the built-in Hubitat WeatherUnderground Device has finally stopped working as of a few days ago.

Is anyone's still working? Or did they finally shut it down?

As of today, mine is still working using the weewx & external driver.
BUT... I'm still pushing data from my PWS

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Yes, pushing PWS data seems to be the key.

Oh well, it was good while it lasted. I have an external zigbee sensor that provides temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and illuminance. That is really all I need. I just liked using the WU data as a sanity check to make sure my sensor was still reading correctly.

Hubitat has a built in OpenWeather driver. Free API key too.

It feels minimal.

Current States

city : My Town
cloudiness : 1
country : US
humidity : 62
pressure : 1015
temperature : 52
weather : clear sky(clear sky)
weatherIcons : 01d
windDirection : 214.501
windSpeed : 3.38
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It may be minimal but it pairs nicely with the upcoming Dashboard v2 release (soon) image


If we are teasing....
My new multi attribute tiles app.... (with current firmware)

This data is pulled from a WU device but you could use any weather device (Apixu?)



Or.. how about data from multiple devices?

In this case the cost data from 3 different aeon hems
With a little freeform text and an icon from an external URL:slight_smile:


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Nice teasing. :slight_smile:

Is the Open Weather app now embedded within one of the other apps or pulled from the Built in list?

I have a C5 (2..0.6.112) and it’s not listed under Add Built-In App (there are 28 apps listed there)

The clue is in the name..
Open Weather Driver.

You need to create a new virtual device and use the OWM driver

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Fair enough. Still getting used to the paradigm shift... I’m used to a model where the App is always the starting point for creating (virtual) devices.

ie. The driver components are buried in the App

10 years of Vera (and a few of openHAB) must have cooked my brain.

I’ll get used to having the dual entry points eventually :slight_smile:

Yea, the vast majority came from somewhere/something else and have all that previous terminology stuck in our heads.

Well over half the time, I create the Virtual device, THEN remember I didn't add the driver code. I end up setting the virtual to some placeholder then add the driver code.

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I'm always doing that :slight_smile:

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Another teaser on what you can really do with a tile if you try.. :slight_smile:


This is pulling data from the latest weewx/External device

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I have the virtual device setup with the API key from Open Weather Map, I'm getting "area" information transmitted.

My question is regarding uploading my PWS to get actual weather info directly to them linked to my API key, I'm not code smart, and looked on their website while logged in, and could not understand how to make this happen.

Anyone have a dumbed down explanation on how to link my PWS to the Open Weather Map API key?