End of Service for the Weather Underground API


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As expected, they drastically scaled back their end of API access. While they may not call it API access, there will still be a free plan to access the data.

Hopefully it will give us sufficient data
If they give me full access then I will give them my pws data, if they don’t then they will not get anything from me.


It's not a complete EOS thank G-d.... People like me that submit weather data will still have access and there is going to be a pay for access plan for non-commercial use.

Cutting me off sooner than the terms of my license. Well I'm pretty well ready thanks to @Cobra , @bangali and many others that have helped here and in the weather enthusiast communities.

@thomas.c.howard - Still can't use your son's app and driver due to an error. Any advice for what to look for? The app cannot be loaded.

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I have been keeping up with the status of the API access for PWS members that send weather data and it's been confirmed that API for those people will NOT have their API access terminated on Dec. 31, 2018.

PWS owners who are uploading their data will have uninterrupted access to their data, and a limited range of additional items. They will be able to access up to 1000 calls per day and 30 calls/minute. (This reflects an increase over what I mentioned before, which was the base level for the WU API.) When the API for the PWS uploaders is ready, we will provide a transition period to switch from the WU API to the new API. For PWS uploaders, the Weather Underground API will not close down on December 31.


Replacement API docs for WU

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A bit off topic but has anyone looked at weeWX ? I installed it yesterday and has a ton of services it can connect to and send weather data that you can retrieve data from including OpenWeather and few other services.


Been running @Cobra's app for weeWX since it was first developed, works great! All my weather automations are based off of the weeWX data coming in. Combine weeWX with his Weather Switch and get total control over your weather data!

My system is an AcuRite Pro Weather Center. Check it out on WU - KMADRACU9 . For me I'll stay on WU until they don't allow me access to my data. Then I'll pull my station.

I would completely abandon WU… I have been in talks with them and the only way to get the same weather info in 1 API call after Dec. 31 it will take 3 API calls from IBM’s new API.

I actually don’t make that many calls as I get most of my data from weewx and my pws.

I will have to look at the new api calls and see if I need to change anything for the driver.

But hey! It’s holiday time so time to take a break from coding for a while until the new year.



Happy New Year! It is now past 12/31/2018 and as far as I can tell, my WU driver is still pulling the same amount of data from the WU API this morning. No errors or other indications that anything has changed. Anyone else notice any changes?

SHHHH! I'm seeing the same.

They probably all have the day off... The sky will fall tomorrow!

Does somebody have a suggestion on how to get weather in a dashboard, was planning on using the WU api but from what i read I won't be able to get an API Key, not that savvy with codd so was wanting the path of least resistance, what would it take to use something like Yahoo weather API?

searching is pretty easy...


My weather underground data feed using the built-in Hubitat WeatherUnderground Device has finally stopped working as of a few days ago.

Is anyone's still working? Or did they finally shut it down?

As of today, mine is still working using the weewx & external driver.
BUT... I'm still pushing data from my PWS

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Yes, pushing PWS data seems to be the key.

Oh well, it was good while it lasted. I have an external zigbee sensor that provides temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and illuminance. That is really all I need. I just liked using the WU data as a sanity check to make sure my sensor was still reading correctly.