A Node-Red Introduction for Hubitat Owners

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A Node-Red Introduction for Hubitat Owners

I created a 9 minute "Introduction..." video to help first time Node-Red experimenters get their feet under themselves. It's a brief tour of the Node-Red workspace and adding a Node to the Palette. Then there's a quick add of a flow for a Global Variable, then a second to use that variable to create a flow using Motion.


Great video! I've been using NR for a while and didn't know about "otherwise" in a switch node!


Nice work!


Just kidding. Nice tutorial. Pretty much says it all.


Bookmarked! thanks

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Thank you so much for this @csteele. I had stumbled across NR a while back, had a glimpse of the potential, but then got held back due to being super hung up on irrelevant aspects. Needed to witness someone just doing it, a fog has lifted.


Bookmarked and cleared in a day... what!!

NR up and running. Thanks for helping me get my feet wet. Now I need something to stop my head from spinning :crazy_face:


My only criticism is that the video is too fast for me to absorb and there are not more videos :yum:

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It's a tradeoff between MB and rapid use of the Pause Button. :slight_smile:

I went with smaller MB so my quota don't cost me actual $ :smiley:


There is always the playback speed setting. My goal is to get all the way to normal! :rofl:

Link no longer works :sob:

Which link?

@csteele's link in the introductory post of this thread still works for me.

Put it on YouTube as private and then embed it on your page? I use YouTube sometimes for work for sharing videos to people, seems to work fine.

Also, if you need to compress it smaller, check out VidCoder, super simple to use with presets.

Good video though, as others said, did not realize there was an "otherwise" option in switch, and I had never used global variables before which might come in handy. I do my automations in Hubitat typically but use NodeRed to tie some other things together if needed.

I did that for HubConnect videos...

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 9.13.11 AM

That list of Videos at the top are all out on YouTube, private

That experience might have cured me. :smiley: YouTube is just too many ads. 2-3 min videos with 2 ads per. Perhaps I decided the Community deserves better :smiley:

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Sorry my bad, my DNS went down for some reason, but the problem was intermittent and then gave up completely

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You might want to review your router / switches and do some more troubleshooting - your LAN seems very unstable. A wonky LAN can cause all sorts of trouble, some harder to detect. Not that I know this from personal experience or anything...

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Moments ago, I moved the pieces to a different location on that server to make use of a Cert... "ssl Everywhere"... Once caching catches up, I'll delete the old, I'm at 61% disk in-use right now. :slight_smile:

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i know this, but wify wants the lights to work! Now they all are its time to look at my subnetting issues

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That's the correct call of course but consider an inconsistent network COULD have an impact on the hub as well if you have any hub to network communications like with Alexa, Node-RED etc.

Many thanks for taking the time to produce this video. It helped me understand several concepts.


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