2.2.4 - Philips Hue Motion sensor Lux reporting updates

Previous versions of this driver included simple value based options for Lux level change reporting.
While simple to implement, in practice it generates too few or too many events, and the distribution of them across the values doesn't follow perceived level changes.

In other words, a 10 Lux change from 5 to 15 has a much higher perceived value change (very noticeable) than that same change at 3000 Lux, which isn't noticeable at all, and using simple value based changes doesn't account for this.

If we evaluate the new value against the previous value using a Log10 function the changes follow human perception much better.

The new options are pictured below.

On xx Lux change are the previous options
log10 precision x are the new logarithmic based options
then we have on motion or on temperature, these two will request a Lux report from the device when either a temperature change or a motion event is detected.

Rather than explain what the precision values mean it's much easier to just select one of these, then the next day have a look at the Lux events reported, if there's too many for your use case select a lower precision option, too few pick a higher precision.

I've been using log10 precision 1 for an outdoor sensor and it's capturing a nice distribution of values between 0 and 5-6k for my use case.