Please add Log10 wattage reporting option for Outlets

Kindly add a Log10 wattage reporting option for outlet drivers, similar to what was done for the Hue Lux reporting. (Great change BTW, allowed me to remove a RM Hue refresh rule)

I'm using a Samsung outlet with the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver to determine when my washing machine has stopped. When stopped the machine draws between 1 and 3 watts. However, when the Power reporting is set at 1watt, 5 watts, or up to 50Watts, the device floods the system with power events when the washing machine is running. To mitigate the event flood I set reporting to 100 watts, and raised the rule's stop threshold to 20 watts with a 3 minute delay, not the best solution but works most of the time without adding a timed device refresh RM rule.

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Interesting idea!, I can sure see if it works the same way for power reporting.

Bear in mind that this specific reporting option is implemented at the driver level, so whilst it will lower the number of events sent to the event stream, it will not limit the number of reports generated by the device.

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This user outlet driver does reporting mitigation at the device level.

Even if many of the device's reports cannot be stopped, lowering the SendEvent overhead with Log10 calculations would be helpful while allowing for lower value wattage reporting.

It could get really sophisticated by adjusting the device's wattage configuration reporting threshold using the log scale as wattage increases and decreases.


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