Zooz ZEN34 issue

I had the batteries die on a Zooz 34 or at least that is what I guessed happened. I had one that I noticed the LED was staying on all the time. The battery showed like 60% battery I think, but it was a couple years old so I just decided to replace the battery.

Didn't even check to see if it was working, just went ahead and replaced it. It was for a the light in our bedroom fan. My wife bought a new fan for the bedroom and it's uses RF remotes. Can't control it with switches. So I just hardwired the fan in the box and put Zen34s in the switch locations in the bedroom. We very seldom use the switch, the fan is controlled through a bond hub using Alexa mostly.

After replacing the batteries the device would not work at all. I could not pair the device nor reset it. I tried two sets of batteries, both sets were brand new still in the original packaging.

So I contacted Zooz support and they said I had to send them the device and they would test, and repair or replace it. I got word from them today they found the issue. They say that for some reason the Duracell 2032s that I put in the device would not work and they are sending it back with two sets of the batteries that they use. They worded it as, for a yet un-diagnosed reason the Duracells would not work, so I guess they are trying to determine why.

Anyone else ever seen this issue.

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I think I have energizer batteries in mine. I do have a pack of duracell batteries from Costco that I have been using in other devices around the house. It would be a bummer if I had to get different batteries for the Zen34s, since I’ll probably forget.

I've also experienced Duracell 2032s (Costco) not working in the zooz devices, perhaps it has something to do with the anti-bite (child resistant) coating they have on them?


There are reports on the interwebs that the bitter batteries don't work in Apple AirTags.

AirTag won't work with Duracel CR2032? - Apple Community

Does this sound like the same issue?

I found that my devices wouldn't even power-up with the cells I got from costco. I also had issues with them in Ring sensors. Stopped buying them.... Using energizers now with good results.

Can the coatings be stripped, like dipping in acetone, or something?

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If you have Duracells in it then maybe try something else, but the symptoms were not quite the same. My device would not reset nor manually wake. The only thing that would get any kind of response on the LED was to do the reset procedure. Tap tap tap hold for 10 seconds. According to the manual the led should flash read and go out. It would turn blue and stay on until I released the paddle.